IGT — $1 Slot 777 Red Hot Live Play BIG WIN

IGT — $1 Slot 777 Red Hot Live Play BIG WIN

[ad_1] I loaded my $100 Free Play along with $80 cash into this machine, looking to only spinoff my FP and see what I could win from it
50 spins @ $2 bet!


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  2. I must have missed the big win

  3. playing with scared money

  4. cool

  5. enjoyed watching nice hit.

  6. Nice little profit.

  7. kind of makes me want to take out a second mortgage and see what i can win.

  8. nice very nice

  9. i won so many times on these games I didnt know what was real or not. my. husband has never played these phone games I wish I hope i won for real Sandra Riley

  10. I was looking for the BIG WIN…..$410 dollars buy a new BMW…..and a 100ft. Yacht….now that would be a BIG WIN….$410…chump change…sorry…

  11. I don't normally play this type of game — but maybe I should. You did ok on it. I'm impressed that you play enough to get $100 free play.

  12. Now this is a slot players machine! It's a classic and fun to play. I have always loved IGT games with real reels. (Yeah, I love to play on words) That 7 2x 5x early on was nice.

  13. wow. nice hit

  14. Very Nice Win Rob! Haven't seen a b ticket in a long long long while! LOL…It takes a lot of patience with these types of games. Which I really don't have, you kind of are like me gambling wise, you did exactly what I would have done! Safe side! LOL… Enjoyed watching this..Stay well and warm, are you getting any snow? In Newburgh, only sleet, tomorrow maybe 1-3 so my brother said, we having plowing contracts and so far NOTHING!! LOL. AND its pouring here.

  15. WTG Rob, that was really good. Always love it when something like that happens n FP!

  16. Awesome !! You did great ! I love those machine !!

  17. Nice profit and great hit 10x hit!

  18. Very nice live play!!! That x2 x5 was awesome!

  19. That's the way to do it. Love the Red Hot 777 games. I have some high limit vids on the new modern type ones…I'll share them one day. Thanks for the LIVE play Rob. In my opinion…that is the only thing that works on the games…glad you did it. Congrats and thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. WTG on the 10X! You just need one really good one out of those 50 spins 🙂

  21. Your better than me playing, i usually cash out when i win over my credits. i would have hit the $300 and cashed right away.

  22. HOT! HOT! That was GREAT! Good shot on an OLDIE!!!

  23. Nice Rob…I'd be real happy with that!!

  24. Nice win Rob!

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