[ad_1] Today we are looking at a new IGT slot machine called Golden Jungle. We used our popular DECISION POINT question to see if we can guess the BONUS ROUND The Shamus will pick! Sound interesting? You bet! [ad_2]

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  1. I'd definitely go for two. I've lost on these IGT slots trying to get the last coin for a wild reel. I remember you got all five wild reels on another slot similar to this one. Still, they are fun to play, especially when you see one missing coin in front reels. Aladdin sucked me in several times but I could walk away even.
    Thanks Shamus. Wish you luck for those big wins!


  3. We think alike. Guaranteed 3 of a kinds with a good shot at 5 of a kinds. Well done.

  4. Golden Jungle (and the related IGT slot Golden Egypt) both remind me of an older Spielo game called Dragon's Temple that I used to play. I didn't get the jackpot often, but when I did I always picked the choice with 1,3,ad 5 wild reels and crossed my fingers that I'd get something nice on 2 and 4. I wouldn't be any good guessing which bonus round you would pick — except that 3 wild reels 1,3,&5 seems to be the smart choice, and you're a smart man. I like that you're a low roller — 60 cents is a good amount to bet and $55.30 is a decent win. I've never had a chance to play Golden Jungle in a real casino, or Golden Egypt either, but I plan to give these game a try one of these days. I like the decision point theme — my problem is I have a hard time looking at other people's comments — so sometimes I see the answer before I see the slot. Guess I'm just a cheater, aren't I?

  5. Well Shamus 2 games is what I would have picked too. The guaranteed win is just too tempting. Unfortunately IGT keeps redoing this format. It is a remake of the pharoh version that I can't recall the name of. It was a nice win which seems to be tough on IGT ! The only good release I have seen from IGT lately is Hitchcock. Thanks for the preview, always good to see games before I play them!

  6. Yo! Think I'll avoid this one … it's cool to make the top of the Greetings …..^-^ … Raggy

  7. Will have to be on the lookout for this one on behalf of my DH, since he won his hand pay on a tiger-themed progressive 2-yrs ago. I definitely did not think you'd pick the 2-games. Last time I did something similar on 5-Dragons, I got burned bad! And I STILL pick 15-games on classic Choy Sun Doa when I can find it. LOL

  8. when are you guys going to Seneca again

  9. I like that game!

  10. I thought you'd pick 15 spins! Wrong!

  11. That was a great win! I'm been back a month, posting daily. Thanks for your note while I was away.

  12. They have this slot on PlayOLG at .40 minimum bet. I play it occasionally. They have started to add more SG slots such as Raging Rhino, Montezuma and Bruce Lee to the casino. Have you tried any of them or have you chosen not to touch Doug's Casino?

  13. If U picked the 6 spins, 2 wilds…would the wilds be in same spot…1st & 3rd column? I was shocked U picked the 2 games, but it payed off. Congrats on your win. Enjoyed watching.

  14. Hey, Jenn beat me out this time. LOL. I like that you show the pay before playing because I always do that. Plus pointing out sometimes what is needed. Then I don't have to crack my brain watching and re-watching the video multiple times to figure out what causes what. Though I love that you've caused me to analyze games like you but on a much lower level of understanding. Think it's good for you to do for many of the folks who are not slot nuts like some of the rest of us! I did have to go play it a couple times still to catch everything…but I like doing that! My guess was that you'd pick 15 because you're a guy who plays minimum to stretch out his money. I never, ever thought you'd pick 2 spins!!!! It's that wild and crazy gambling streak that you usually keep hidden. OK. It was a good decision…this time. I still would stick with 15 and play 6 only if I were ahead for the trip. 2? Only if I'd had a hand pay earlier. That Shamus…you never know what he might do!! I think you text musings at the end are fantastic but more work for you. Take care always.

  15. Hi shamus! I think that was a great choice!!! I probably would have gone with 6….but you chose the right one for sure!!! Its such a hard decision!!! Thanks for sharing!! You are awesome as usual!!!

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