IGT- WILD WOLF slot machine BIG WIN!

IGT- WILD WOLF slot machine BIG WIN!

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  1. my mom plays this all the time on nickels….why cant she hit this?!?! lol

  2. 21,950 nickels is 1097.50

  3. omg i thought id lost you! im so glad you have decided to keep trolling from your bedroom@BummyLove4000

  4. This is my favorite the wild wolf slot machine… u won so much money..

  5. This is a game I avoid like my ex girl friend.. Both do nothing but make money disappear.

  6. yep and you'll give it all back if you keep going

  7. Really nice

  8. Lot of wilds, CONGRATS!

  9. ive won over 2k in the last 7 days (went last friday, and a couple days ago) betting 40c on a game called seven dragons. Got 3 red dragons once, came back next friday and instantly did it again lol 2k in a week..more than any job could pay lol…and off 40cent bets lol

  10. @mavikalp77 $1097.50


  12. almost $1100…gettin' close to that point noone wants to reach…but you avoided it that time LOL

  13. $1,000+ on $2.50 bet not bad

  14. How much is that in $ or £?

  15. Nice one 🙂

  16. "AWESOME"

  17. Hi Blue … I've play variants of this game for years … and I never get 5 WILDS!! Never! The legend continues …

  18. I thought this was a pretty good hit when I thought it was pennies, then I noticed it was nickles! I'm impressed. Nice one!

  19. Nice!!

  20. awesome win well done

  21. wow!!!!!!

  22. excellent

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