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  1. hi friends I can not go fast enough to calculate the base. can someone help me please ?

  2. Hi karl, i have sent the money "" when can i expect the video?

  3. do you think roulette vig is triggered ?

  4. Can you play the electronic casino

  5. Hi Karl Is you strategy video out, that would come out the 20th of February? Regards Mats

  6. Fabulous session, nice lesson !

  7. Eres.el.mejor!

  8. remember guys, success is earn not given. study like you are studying for the college SAT test. good luck to us all!

  9. karl at 2:40 the 14, 9, 4, 28 were easy numbers because there were within 3 neighbours of each other you could of just bet the 14, 9, 4, 2, and there terminals. that might be a new thing to think about in those situations when they within 3 pockets of each other.but karl im so confused at 10:28 how the hell did you win the 32. but easy money baby =]]].

  10. Wow, nice ! When roulette play 0 (no terminal) you have to wait ? I work to make an application who give me the logarithm base and numbers to bet as you explain into your video strategy, hard work 10-15 days but after i hope make easy profit !

  11. haces la explicación en español?

  12. absolute legend

  13. Hi Karl I sent via PayPal last night so if you could check that’d be much appreciated

  14. But you said is better to not play Evolution Gaming hmmm

  15. Anyone wann to make profit 5 times

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    Fact is

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  16. First of all I have to study the strategy and then watch your videos. I think it will take time, but I hope to get it. Hi Karl

  17. You crazy man! Learning strategy, the hardest part is to find base, but hope with practice i will manage to find it faster. Can i ask a question in skype?

  18. Check Your skype✌

  19. Oh fuck i just need that money as bread right now

  20. Good session Karl….I hope I can do the same in few days after practicing alot…

  21. hi karl, have a questuon. so if i send u 30e how much time do u need to send me the video of explenation?

  22. He leido por ahi que lo vas a explicar en español¿ que tengo que hacer para recibirla?gracias

  23. roulette einstein :)))))

  24. *RECEIVED* danke mal noch

    same here, sent you 30 from pe**.n*****

  25. Learning…

  26. My email is jefdselekta

  27. I have paid you for the strategy.could you check please

  28. good

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