Immortal Romance MEGA BIG Win!

Immortal Romance MEGA BIG Win!

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Wild desire feature on Microgaming’s Immortal Romance slot! MEGA BIG WIN!

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  1. My win from this slot could have been the Mega Jackpot of all but I was only betting $3.00. I won $10,000 Australia. Then I could have won again but I was only betting $1.20. watching all the Video of this slot on YouTube I think I've done all the Jackpots. I love this Slot but sad to say as Australian we can't play this slot gambling anymore online.

  2. This game fucking sucks. I just did 2000 fucking spins and ther payouts are fucking bullshit.

  3. I could listen to that music all day….so suspenseful and amazing.

  4. I made slightly over 60k € on the Wild Desire. 12 € bet. Bought a Jaguar

  5. Great win, I got the 4 wild reels as well yesterday after 250 spins on LeoVegas. Almost 1500x my bet, nice suprise since I didn't know this feature even existed.

  6. Not played it much, but 1st time playing last month for a Leo Vegas offer got £1000 from a 5x bonus round — full house of the lady in red

  7. choi slot nao tot cac ban

  8. warning dont play at micro gaming software its rigged and controlled

  9. What a perfect hit!

  10. Fake all,cant win noting!!!!!This video is for sheeps,when play with real money Soon in your account will be a lot of zero !!!!!!
    Do not play people, save money !!!!!!!

  11. i have had £9000 pounds of a slot online it was well good wish i had recorded it as it gave me 80 spins on 5.00 still 9000 from that should of been more

  12. I played more then 15 000 spiíns on this game..and max. i get was 2 wild reels.. max. win that i ever get there was 272 Euro on 3 Euro stake..this game is bullshit and scam .. fuck off

  13. played this slot for years and never seen this feature.

  14. how can have a 4 reel wild? i play it 2 years and the only was 3

  15. Awesome! I just hit a 4 reel wild desire too with a €0.60 bet winning €1755!! Got it during stream so it's on my Youtube 😀 This machine has some amazing potential.

  16. Sweet

  17. че рекламируеш лохатроны??

  18. НОРМ

  19. op welke site spelen jullie?

  20. so FUN play He put is logo on top of Play for real

  21. top vid

  22. 1 in a million chance i guess. I went well over 1000 spins without ever seeing the WD feature. And when it finally happens 90% of the time you get 1 or 2 back reel that pays nothing.

  23. nice

  24. DONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. today i had that wilds on 1.50Bet (3 wild reels) -> 812.50 :)!

  26. I got this today, 1 wild reel £0.30 win on a £0.60 stake 🙁

  27. Awesome! My biggest win so far was just like this except I had all letters no premiums. 3k+ w/ 3 euro bet 🙂

  28. Absolutely Fantastic. Cgrt

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