Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

[ad_1] The second of the George Lucas/Steven Spielberg Indiana Jones epics is set a year or so before the events in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1984). After a brief brouhaha involving a precious vial and a wild ride down a raging Himalyan river, Indy (Harrison Ford) gets down to the problem at hand: retrieving a precious gem and several kidnapped young boys on behalf of a remote East Indian village. His companions this time around include a dimbulbed, easily frightened nightclub chanteuse (Kate Capshaw), and a feisty 12-year-old kid named Short Round (Quan Ke Huy). Throughout, the plot takes second place to the thrills, which include a harrowing rollercoaster ride in an abandoned mineshaft and Indy’s rescue of the heroine from a ritual sacrifice. There are also a couple of cute references to Raiders of the Lost Ark, notably a funny variation of Indy’s shooting of the Sherpa warrior. [ad_2]

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  1. Where can i buy this movie

  2. I will not get subtitles when it's on

  3. Lokal ahhahaha

  4. por que no te buscas un laburo cara dura.. cobrar por una película tan vieja.. zángano, acaro. parásito.

  5. still a pretty good movie

  6. Good vid

  7. e

  8. 0:44 Dr. Jones esta vez no te pudiste hacer el capo como en los cazadores del arca perdida jaja XD.

  9. Very good Indie movie..


  11. the best!!!

  12. Indiana Jones is best movie ever!

  13. the best movie of Indi!!

  14. Nice movie but I cant chance laguage 🙁

  15. The worst Indiana Jones movie ever! A shame it exists! Complete rape!

  16. tang ina nyo sbe ni laurenz santos

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