Ingram and the Lakers Shut the Haters Up with a Big win in Dallas!

Ingram and the Lakers Shut the Haters Up with a Big win in Dallas!

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  1. ..u didnt make a video bout carmelo goin to tha lakers….

  2. happy to see W tonight, but definitely LBJ has carried this inconsistent lineup to a playoff.

  3. Great game from BI and Zo.. so much better, played smart but played hard, like they wanted it, lets keep this up even when LBJ gets back, be aggressive don't be passive and just accept less responsibility, demand your respect on the team play as a unit and play to win.

  4. Nice video Dan bit of advice though bro regarding the thumbnail you used, it's a good pic of Lonzo and Ingram but be careful because you got "the jump" show logo in on it on the bottom left, you can take their pictures but make sure you cut any company or show logo's out of it or you might get your vid taken down or even worse your channel.. for example The Jump = ESPN = Disney, big dogs like that don't mess around with copyright infringement be careful bro.

  5. Dan you're right when you said "real Lakers fans don't trash their own" Take Kwame Brown for instance.. Non of us loved the signing but once he joined the team their wasn't alot of angry fans trashing him…we just knew what it was. Sacre was are cheering section all to himself LOL Neither one of these past Lakers are even close to Ingram or Lonzo.

  6. The smartest thing Luke did this whole year was calling out Lonzo and Ingram. Sometimes going public by criticizing someone play normally lights a fire under them.He needs to do that more often. Good play from Beasley. The guy can give you points. Why not play him.

  7. Still, I don't think coaching has very big problem. And you can't took away all the credit from coaching staff for this win. Saying that this was the media that sparks their fire it's just a little ridiculous to me. Media saying this all day, especially for Zo. If it works like that, it should have sparked them much earlier.
    Coaching staff, locker room, and player themselves all have impact on it. And, last thing. You don't need a coach to spark their fire EVERY game. If coach need to do that, then the player have some serious problem.

  8. Just go and enjoy the game bro……..

  9. I like you dan. But come on. These kids are way too inconsistent. If you score zero pts one game then 20 the next you are untrustworthy and should come off the bench.

    I'm not hating. But this core has been way over rated acting like they are 3 future stars is silly.

  10. I always felt the young core could have been right where they are right now without lebron

  11. My man Zo balled out.And Dan,told you about Beasley.He's a beast,just like Lebron when he wants to play.

  12. You guys cant expect them two learn how to play at a high level right away just because LeBron is here

  13. I been saying this they only 21

  14. don't you think it would be wise to wait until the offseason to make a coaching change I'm just afraid that if they make a change in the near future it could throw the whole team off for a. Of time until they learn the new system or get familiar with the coach and his coaching methods and this year could be totally a waste of time what do you think Dan

  15. Great bounce back game , having heart is the first ingredient to success.Hart was born with it like Kobe but the others are learning.

  16. Ingram is still trying to figure out where or what he can do on the court.

  17. Dan keep the young core and one day I hope and pray for the young core be super stars in the future go lakers nation

  18. DTLF!!! BTW man, couldn't help but notice the awesome Cassius Clay "Muhammad Ali"/Sonny Liston Poster in the background…props to you Bruv…Love the game analysis! Keep up the awesome work…it's why I tune into your channel, cheers and Happy New Year too man!

  19. BI against Minesot 5/16, Kuzma against Dallas 4/20, I don't hear you knee jerks trade talks, where you at? Thank god we won. Kuz would’ve been on the fan’s trade market.

  20. I say Post game Dan! I’d rather u enjoy going to Staples center with ur girl and enjoying every moment. Hopefully we can continue to perform well especially BI and Lonzo. We’ll need Beasley again to help us off the bench. Kuzma and Hart. And our twin towers for sure.

  21. Dan u gotta stop doing this with Lonzo. Dude plays trash 95% of the season. He had only 7 good games and we already had played half our games. He is a negative for the season not a positive. I’m just tired of everytime he plays a good 'which is rare for the season'. You seem to wanna forget the fact that he is plays badly most of the time. Put to You this way. Which starting point guard is he better than in the League ? Look at the stats. LonZo is a negative for the season.

  22. This man is a wise man.

  23. Just gotta b consistent Dan

  24. Some of those small forwards that are superstars in today’s game didn’t reach the 20pt average until the 4th and 5th year

  25. This is a big win for lakers beating a very good dallas team with a great home record. Lakers swept the series with the 2 teams but this is far from over we know what beasley gives us instyant offense he kept cutting the league down then luke took him out he fits this team well off the bench. ZO outplayed smith jr and hit a dagger ingram and hart played exceptionally well kcp didnt shoot much but he always bring defensive energy fof the bench. You can tell when lakers play they dont know what to make for a play I was pissed the Dallas commentators were making fun of zo and the lakers all game but gave praise only to ingram.

  26. The way BI closed this game out against the Maverick's is how we always needs him to do and Lonzo with 21 chipping in. That's what I'm talking about. Micheal Beasley had 13 off the bench.

  27. Kuzma started the 3rd with 2 momentum 3pointer key to the run that changes the complexion of the game

  28. Enjoyed the heck out of this GAME…the first thing I noticed was Kuzma with that look in his eye… That I'm ready to go to war LOOK!!!…Kuz is a natural born leader…THEN I saw that demeanor on Lonzo, BI and Hart's face…that ole we'll show them LOOK!!!…the Mavs got out to a pretty good start 33-25…but the encouraging thing was wait for it…What Kevin???…

    It was the fight in the Lakers after that initial PUNCH…most sporting events be it football, basketball, or boxing itself…one team or person gives you a punch…and then it is a matter of how the other team or person responds…

    It kinda reminded me of Rocky the Mavs kept punching and the Lakers were like you are not gonna knock me OUT…the Lakers responded like Mavs are you ready to play 4 quarters bc we ARE!!!…

    The Mav Rookie Doncic was ready!!!…Showing off his offensive repertoire on his way to a Mav high 27 pts..but the Lakers took that initial punch shook it off and commenced to whooping some___lol…

    The Lakers defense smothered the Mavs in the 2nd half outscoring them 53-30…Indeed, it was a TEAM effort…

    BI had a season high 29 pts…6 assists only 2 TO’s…
    Josh Hart went beast mode…14pts/12rebs/6as/5st…
    Lonzo 21pts/7rebs/5as/2st…
    BUT believe or not the Game ball goes to Michael Beasley… Beas came into the Game…buckets buckets buckets…Beasley changed the momentum of the GAME…I like to call him "instant offense" …He had 13pts in 9 mins…the Game before 11pts in 21mins…that’s 24pts in 30 mins….IMO…he should actually get around 30 minutes per Game while Lebron and Rondo are out…

    Finally, I believe this may have been the Game were the Lakers turned the Corner…ONE thing I do know is Michael Beasley needs more minutes…
    Stand up Lakers Nation…like Rocky said, I'm still standing…

  29. Lakers love

  30. Put that lucky lakers jacket on while vlog dan…

  31. Dan I'm so glad that BI and lonzo shut up the haters. I'm really excited for the future⬆. Btw I like the shirt you have on. Where could I get one?

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