[ad_1] An EPIC Shiny Alolan Sandslash while tracking down some Hail Shinies!
Will this incredible Shiny have its HIDDEN ABILITY or will we FAIL?
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After a fast shiny Cramorant (AWESOMATIC) it looked like my luck had finally turned around BUT, of course again, way over odds with 700+ eggs and it being a hidden ability hunt I was legit SUPER SCARED to check it’s ability! Will we finally get that hidden ability Shiny Alolan Sandslash?

Check out this other epic Shiny Video!

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  1. How can "getting a shiny" be a fail tell me

  2. False title you didnt even mention the shiny ghastly

  3. For some reason when aDrive gets hyped he sounds like Sasuke Uchiha screaming at Itachi when he was a kid lol

  4. I’m still wondering how this is possibly a huge fail?

  5. Game?

  6. Where do you steam?

  7. Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Marowak, Galarian Rapidash, Runerigus
    My favourite regional forms

  8. Ok but like:
    Shiney Kantonian sandslash > shiney Alolan sandslash… ;p
    Gimme those red spikes

    Normal Alolan > normal kantonian though

  9. Not a fail.

  10. 3:50 hatch
    6:06 ability check
    7:23 naming
    8:390 evolving

  11. Meanwhile I'm here over 15000 eggs in hunting for a shiny axew

  12. What ever you shiny hunt next that’s what I’m gonna hunt to

  13. What's the best set for my shiny male hidden ability alolan Ninetails

  14. Id love to get a shiny from masuda with charm under 200 for once. That'd be nice

  15. My luck for shiny scyther is real bad tbh
    I did like almost 500 eggs

  16. Can you hunt Roselia next?

  17. PRO bait

  18. My first shiny was a delibird (I had no idea it was shiny until later down the road) my first hunted shiny (funnily enough) was Articuno.

  19. A shiny is a shiny whatever the ability is

  20. I got 7 shiny Gastly and One of them was back to back shiny!

  21. I have only hatched 2 shinys outnof my time breeding and it was 2 dreepys and one with cursebody 1 with clear body.. it was cool but not what i wanted 🙁

  22. How do you breed it to stay alolan form?

  23. I already know what aDrive is planning to do with this thing. I remember the good old days man, cant wait for the return of Whiteout

  24. Why you want it

  25. Hmmmmm WBE sandslash ….?

  26. I love your videos but I'm sad because my main account for YouTube has been disabled but love the videos

  27. Shiny hatching Eevee with 5 boxes full and no shiny

  28. Check galarian darumakas run cycle

  29. When i got my Alolan Sandshrew it did not have Slush rush. I was so mad. Congrats my dude.

  30. When’s pixelmon

  31. I just learned that if you stop paying for Pokémon home any Pokémon that are not in the first box, you will lose custody of and have to buy them back XD. This is like saying Karan took the kids except Karan is the Pokémon company, your children are your Pokémon and she is saying that if you want to see your children again your going to need to pay Child support

  32. Congratulations on the Snowshrew!! Glad that this wasn't Alolan Vulpix pt. 2 lol

  33. Pls shiny hunt torchic next hunt

  34. Quick tip, on all this videos just skip to a lil bit over 50-60% thats always where he puts the shiny, now instead of wasting 10minutes of dull content just for ads you just waste 2mins max,

  35. I feel like this is one of the most underrated Pokétuber’s out there. Am I the only one?

  36. I failed three shiny Pokémon at the same time and one of them was charmander which I’ve failed twice already

  37. Watched this, then immediately got MY Shiny Alolan Sandshrew after 1890 eggs! Thx for the shiny luck dude!

  38. I finally joined the Pixelmon server and caught a shiny Butterfree I cannot believe it!! I literally was so anxious b/c it was flying too high and I can't fly so… I literally followed it hoping it would come down in altitude and it did. So, then I was scared because it's lvl 50!! My highest level was a 19 grubin and butterfree was spamming sleep powder got some damage off then after some praying about half hp throwing the ultra balls. I finally CAUGHT it!! What an amazing 1st day lol

  39. my current shiny hunting session for shiny nincada/shedinja is currently at 1085 i hate the masuda method bro

  40. Cool lucky, I like Alohan Vulpix better cuz Alohan Ninetails he's all majestic and cool looking though lol

  41. Does anyone know why he wanted it?

  42. I'm hunting toxapex got it around 200 but wasnt hidden ability 🙁

  43. A drive how many shinies do you have currently?

  44. Congrats. Alolan Sandslash has an amazing shiny. Speaking of amazing shinies I’m hoping my horsea shines soon so I can have that swift swim purple kingdra on my mono dragon team.

  45. I got 22 shiny gastly on community day

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