INSANE WIN on Vikings Slot — £2 Bet

INSANE WIN on Vikings Slot — £2 Bet

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26 комментариев

  1. A bonus on this is like finding hens teeth

  2. I guess the Nation Union of Slot Streamers doesnt allow you to skip rhe count up

  3. Great streams and well done amazing win

  4. Fuck me. No wonder it’s a pain in the arse to bonus

  5. Why didn't you just click in the screen to end the count up?


  7. Im not subscribed yet it pings ur videos everyday how do i stop it

  8. Wowza!! Really nice hit and for a Netent it's exceptional! This is one of their better games in recent times.

  9. Congrats Nick!!!!

  10. WOW!! Huge congrats Nick! Amazing win, although it takes far too long to get there on that game. Talk about building up the tension haha.

  11. uploading at 5mb with how much free upload though? Because capping download is one thing, but capping upload is the end of internet.

  12. This is what we want to see from NetEnt 😉 Congratulations you prick <3

  13. Fower grand. B e a utiful

  14. Sweet hit nick!! 🙂

  15. not sure what's more epic the time it took to count up of the win itself

  16. Hi Nick I singed up to slotsmillion and I'm having trouble with a withdrawal any chance you could help me out with this my email is

  17. 4 grand win is good and all but you was atleast 8k down prior to this

  18. Fuck me what a hit man

  19. Shit jumpers seem to be your lucky charm

  20. Sweet win indeed, yes one best netent games in long time.

  21. Nice one Nick..

  22. I watched this live. I grew a beard in the process

  23. nice win nick get in

  24. That was mental

  25. Well done long may ur luck continue

  26. Watched it live. I've had relationships that have been shorter than that count up. ⏳

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