INSANE WINS on Double Ball Roulette Big Win Session!

INSANE WINS on Double Ball Roulette Big Win Session!

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Playing the recently more popular double ball roulette featuring two different balls and huge wins if you hit both balls in the same number certainly paid off! Check the insane streak in short time on Double Ball Roulette during a Livestream. This was after the Queen of Riches hit! Love the game Double Ball Roulette.

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Outro Song(if existing): Abandoned & InfiNoise — Night Caller (feat. Project Nightfall)[NCS Release] [ad_2]

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  1. Yeah buddy all nice and stuff…. gambling destroys lives! And all these channels are just here on YouTube just to trigger gamblers to use and eventually lose all their money. First you win some, and later on lose triple as much. But hey, good luck if you wanna live on the streets without a penny! Use your brain people, and quit while you still can. Gambling doesn't make you happy. Your family, friends and love ones are those who count.

  2. Did anyone see how it showed double 27 before the 2nd ball had landed. 1:20

  3. 33k balance i hope you took that to cash out land!

  4. That was a nice stream that day nice 1 buddy

  5. What's the little wheel on the left side, you had a few dollars on some numbers.

  6. 7th

  7. any plans for another shared stream with Kim and Blanco?

  8. Wait, the double 27 win popped up before the balls both got in the number?? Somethings fishy here

  9. Congrats Bro u r awesome

  10. good win

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