Is Fortune Island ANY GOOD? | Forza Horizon 4 DLC Expansion

Is Fortune Island ANY GOOD? | Forza Horizon 4 DLC Expansion

[ad_1] The FIRST expansion for Forza Horizon 4 is now LIVE! How is it? Bad? Good? Let’s dive into the new Dodge RAM and BMW M5 and have a go!
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  1. I've said this before and i'll say this again:

    Forza's a casual game. It's just a copy and paste and has the same DLC style since since Horizon 2. Each year the franchise gets worse and worse.

  2. I have finished it at 100%

  3. It is good for making money and drifting

  4. 2:17 excuse meeee

  5. Terrible.

  6. fornut island :v

  7. I don’t understand why forza doesn’t collaborate with midnight club to make the best racing game of all time. Forza driving dynamics, with midnight clubs customization…..

  8. Its great

  9. Worst Forza Horizon so far. Purely for kids. Forza Horizon 1 is still dt best freeroam racing game to date. Føkk arcade racing games.. give us a simulation mode from motorsport 7 physics

  10. Thanks you forza horizon 4 Xbox one live today message

  11. This dude is a lame guy get real son this game is over your head I suppose

  12. It's a racing game with lots of collectibles makes sense they'd add treasure chests to a island dlc. Terrible review of this dlc.

  13. It cant be as bad as your constant complaining and terrible comparisons… cmon man you're better than that

  14. You’re rich bro

  15. You're such a whiny little bitch and you know it

  16. 8:35 Hopefully.

  17. This guy is really negative and annoying

  18. Shouting isn't funny btw

  19. Send me ur xbox username and we can ride together

  20. Can someone tell me if the expansion is actually worth it

  21. 42 oye that’s racist

  22. "Welcome back, Monkey"

  23. Sony fanboy

  24. Fortune Island is of the last year.

  25. Wow people really don't like Theo's opinions on this game. Look, as good as the game is, the dlc is very very similar to the main game. He literally says in the vid that Hotwheels dlc was really good for FH3. Devs should do things like that if they want the people to buy dlc. Also, he does like arcade racing games more, what's the problem with that. He complains about NFS and Crew 2 as well, there is a reason he ain't uploading Crew 2/NFS

  26. The races give u 1,000,000 credits apparently

  27. imma give you a tip to make the expansion fun to play, gather 11 friends with jdm drift cars , head to the mountain section and just stay there drifting and trynna get tandems, try that out instead of fcking whining like a baby on every thing they dl

  28. Yeah FH3 was MUCH better

  29. I hate it. Wish I hadn't bought it. Back to Britain where there's nothing to do anymore.

  30. Its good. the tresure hunts give you 1 million each time you figure them out. thats 10 million in total. free plus cars, lus races, and more. awesome dlc.

  31. wtf. you are moron. and shut the FUCK UP. monkey

  32. Wreckfest bangersss

  33. I’ll just wait and see what 2019 brings us

  34. i think forza has caught up with destiny with greed and boredom .loved horizon 2 with the perfect last race which i enjoyed with my friends weekly around 17-18 mins of pure fun racing just on 1 lap .i think it was called goliath cant remember .this new forza 4 .doesnt have it or wait it does you buy the game play it for few weeks still wondering where the long track race is "goliath" then you find you have to purchase the DLC in order to play the goliath .ok i was suckered into it purchased it .found out it was the smallest DLC in history of forza franchise .and the goliath was no more than 8 mins long .within time im sure youl get it down around 7 mins which is pathetic .which brings me into destiny league are they in same franchise ..because i bought both inc forza 7 which is like all the other forza except 4k """WOW!!!" All 3 are plain and not worth the penny you spend on it ..this is the last forza il be buying .took me 3 weeks to get absolutely bored with it forza 2 loved it for over a year..may go back to it now

  35. what truck are you driving after the hovercraft stops? its a ram, but which one

  36. What happened to starting a convoy with drivatars?

  37. If you don't like forza then don't play it and go play the crew 2. But I think most people (including me), who have played both games, think that fh4 is better than tc2

  38. This is by far the best dlc, Theo you can climb the mountain, you just need a powerful vehicle other than that good luck

  39. Your constant negativity warranted a downvote. If you can't approach reviews with a sense of objectivity then don't do them.

  40. “Whoa lighting!” u said just go to Scotland .very true… p.s I live in scotland

  41. panthaa you just come across as a right daftie mate

  42. They need to make a game like import tuner challenge or Tokyo extreme racer 2 same game jusy different titles

  43. My view in you was very different from how it was to now, when I first watched your video’s you seemed like a great guy. Now what you’re doing here is just not right, you’re only saying bad things about the expansion without any reason. And to be honest NFS/TheCrew2 disappoints me more than this does. This is ofcourse no hate or whatsoever, just an honest opinion about you/your channel/your content.

  44. Anyone from Scotland (I am)

  45. So quick question am I the only one who notices that Forza is one of the few games that still charge for expansion dlc and the game it's self is anywhere from $60-$100

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