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  1. I once got 2 retrggers and got the jackpot £500 on himolayers

  2. I still can not figure out where that eagle going to land!?

  3. Yes, I'd say it's definitely a curse. I got 5 moons recently on Dragon Link's Autumn Moon, playing max — paid me $500 for the trigger. I got only $10 more for the games!

  4. Great win!

  5. For me it's a curse I seem to do better when I get 3 or 4 coins or symbols for a bonus. Usually 5 coins it's a way of paying you up front but not really during the bonus it's self. At least for me.

  6. this has happened to me numerous times you get the big bonus and then the machines goes ice cold

  7. I personally think it's a curse. Have never gotten a good payout on a 5 bonus

  8. You sometimes remind me of the main character in life with louie lol.

  9. 5 symbol trigger should pay at least 100X on all games! Great stuff I always felt the 4 symbol trigger was the bigger curse!

  10. "pooper scooper" Classic LOL

  11. really super star! big win

  12. I would say yes its a curse I hit 5 bonus smybols on 88 fortunes on $4.80 bet it payed $337.00 to start and I retriggered 3 smybols and had 20 games and the bonus finished I had $378.00 I could not believe it the dog!!!!I think was 18 spins of nothing

  13. How much a curse it is depends on your expectations and outcome of the round. If you got a hand pay from a five-symbol bonus round, I'd guess that you would consider the curse broken.

  14. 5 Bonus Symbols on Lotus Land and Gypsy Fire pay 600× your bet PLUS 20 free games.

  15. Stupid machine, if you get 5 bonus symbols, at least should pay good. So stingy

  16. It sure seems like a curse to me lol! Still very nice wins, VLR! Thanks for sharing!!! I was finally figuring out where that eagle was going to land too lol.

  17. Yes, it's a curse, had 2 times 5 symbols on Chronos, I thought it would have been huge, just end with a big win out of 100 spins… =T

  18. 25 × 10 = 250

  19. you did not get Teepee Eagle said no

  20. Kentucky Derby tomorrow.

  21. never seen this slot

  22. you are so lucky and Funny love that Laught sound like me.

  23. I would say the curse is confirmed.

  24. I think your right. Last Feb I got 5 bonus symbols on Nickel Whales of cash. I'm thinking I need a tax form only won $60 on free spins

  25. Which casino did you play at?

  26. its funny how just last night i seen a 5 bonus symbol on pompeii give a lady 4 more bonus symbols with 3x 5x retrigger betting $2 gave her $800 bonus. I think it just depends on the rng you get with the bonus.

  27. Yeah, Pompeii screwed me last weekend. 5 symbol bonus on $2 bet and it paid me a grand sum of 100 dollars. Definitely a curse.

  28. well those older slots will always be ones favourites…wish they were still around in some casinos they don't have any what so ever.

  29. That's the thing, its half the battle just trying to get the free spins and even then you're not guaranteed to win much during the free spins 🙁

  30. Very Lucky to get five bonus symbols!! I got five bonus symbols ( 50cent bet) on Heart of Anthony= $50 for 5 symbols=15 free game spins, only got $7 for the bonus spins 🙁

  31. Where there's smoke, there's fire…right? Of course I don't know from personal experience since I never trigger with 5 symbols. : )

  32. Good one at the end! But I'd say yes to the curse…most times LOL

  33. congrats

  34. Might be a curse or just the fact that this particular bonus rarely pays well for me. I do better on regular line hits. But there is huge potential.

  35. Wife got 5 Caesars on Pompeii… during free games … x3 and then x5…. $1000. It's the only remarkable win we've EVER had with 5 symbols! I think it's a curse!

  36. your on the wrong level bird… lol great line

  37. come Oooooooooon!!!

  38. Yes the curse does exist!  Glad to see someone else with it too.  I've gotten 5 bonus symbols on Wild Shootout twice and I got a rock….

  39. Awesome videos-love-em all! How about playing a few classic IGT games? Your favorites.One Question-Besides increasing multiplier does the amount of your bet influence line hit or bonus frequency?

  40. Awesome video as usual!
    How can you tell where the bird was going to go?

  41. Dumb guy question…how do you know where that eagle is going before it gets there?

  42. Nice Compilation !!!!!

  43. The curse of Albert strikes again! ha! Cheers.

  44. Queen of the Nile Deluxe pays 400X for the 5 bonus trigger. A 25 cent minimum bet pays $100 if you trigger all 5 bonus symbols. Play Queen of the Nile!


  46. Nice bonus babe!

  47. i love your humor ha ha greetings from Uruguay

  48. Wow that was brutal……. so sorry!

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