Is There a Smart Way to Bet on Crash? Testing Roobet Crash Strategy

Is There a Smart Way to Bet on Crash? Testing Roobet Crash Strategy

[ad_1] Just running a small test to see how fair this game is and how it would work out betting conservatively over time. If you want to check it out here is my referral link:
Hope you enjoyed play safe win big good luck! [ad_2]

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  2. relax big spender

  3. can't understand how this game works

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  6. @AlbiePaner

  7. hi

  8. Losing money on auto bet when trying to just make 10 cents each time pretty much prove it is a complete scam. How did you not make any money when it goes past 1.1x every single time you're not in it?

  9. Can you pls test crash on 🙂

  10. So everyone knows it’s actually random. You can read the code. There’s no way to figure out a way to win, it’s all random with no edge. They make money because of human tendencies

  11. How often does it crash at 1.0 or 1.01??

  12. It's pretty easy to make money from nothing, put 10-20 dollars in, bet 5$ withdraw at 1.2x, rinse and repeat, once you reach 50$ you can be a little more ambitious and bet 10$ but never try to go past 1.5x and just keep doing that you will almost guaranteed end up with profit.

  13. Anyone here from Stevewilldoit?

  14. I like how he is saying 1 dollar that’s 1 Bitcoin equivalent to $8,800 at the time of this comment

  15. i got a question for anyone is $7.7800? 7$ or is it 7Bitcoin,

  16. If you're a US player check out Bovada. Never had any issues cashing out
    and is 100% legit. Can use my code for a free 25 bucks after your first
    deposit. Shoot me a message if you have any questions.

  17. you sound like that guy that has alot of step sisters

  18. Started with $3.90 and got to $72 then wiped my account

  19. There is 1 method to beat the casino but i would be dumb if i tell you bc i will be fixed lol

  20. is there a smart way to do this? ik its gambling but if you play safe can u make hella or nah? part of me wants to do it but the other part of me is like nahhhhh

    Is far better than this,atleast you win here.

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  23. Its a program that is designed to take your money.

  24. how do u play in the USA?

  25. turned 20$ into 5k. 
    I started by betting 5$ after the game failed to go over x2 three times in a row, if I lost I would double and add 5.
    I cashed out my winnings and put it all into bitcoin.
    Look up the martingale formula.

    Gamble safely and know when to stop, the house always wins.

  26. If you do the math it’ll take 10 wins at that rate to make 1 dollar which is your starting bet. You should raise the 1.1 to like 1.5 or 1.25 you’ll have better odds at actually making money.

  27. this is the best gambling game. am in Ghana and i use it just as investment. Daily i go for 1.5x for the whole month and I don't even work anymore

  28. I turned 150$ into 3500$ from crash after like 5 hours of playing

  29. Can’t you just cash out right away and do it over and over

  30. Is it better to have a large bank roll of lets say $500 and do an auto of 200x and bet $1? Im pretty sure there are more than 1 crash every 200 crashes that are 200× or larger.

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