isabella fortuna — so small and so quiet

isabella fortuna — so small and so quiet

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  1. 30 pessoas com péssimo gosto musical deram dislike

  2. AF que voz linda

  3. Can anyone tell me where I can find the chords of this song ?

  4. This girl goes to my school and she’s the sweetest thing. I saw her at a band contest and bumped to her in the music building and said to her “Hey what’s your name so I can buy your music” and she was super humble and nice about it. Having met her in person, I know this song must really embody her internal dialogue. It’s nice to see music about more original but still significant topics, which is why I guess I love indie music to begin with! This is such a great channel.

  5. somehow this reminds me of Clarisse and Guy Montag's relationship in 451°F……

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOvE ThiS

  7. i cant stop listening to this fucking song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. beautiful song. thanks so much!

  9. daughter vibes

  10. its beautiful

  11. This is incredible

  12. strumming patterns??

  13. OMG soo goood

  14. When I listen to this song, I imagine sitting in a flower garden with grey clouds above me. Beautiful.

  15. Such a calm and beautiful piece…

  16. I think I'll never understand the dislikes n musics like this…

  17. Could use drums I think

  18. is it just me or does she sound like doodiedoodle with the harmony and uke.

  19. over the garden wall, anyone?

  20. since I discovered the earth is round… I can't help feeling like I am upside down

  21. The chords please

  22. how pretty.

  23. I'm glad I found your channel

  24. the descriptive and wording in the verses are rich and fluid and the chorus just melts it together perfectly. i cant describe how amazing the music on this channel is (especially this song omfg). your like my main source for music no joke

  25. 00:2701:28 (ignore it's for my class, great song though)

  26. Love this

  27. if you love this, listen to DearEars!!

  28. Tan hermosa, tan perfecta…

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