IT HAPPENED AGAIN!?- BIG WIN!?- Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Hits Again..

IT HAPPENED AGAIN!?- BIG WIN!?- Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Hits Again..

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HERE WE GO AGAIN!!..IT WORKED!!.Scratching off two lottery tickets today. I try one of my unusual ways of scratching hoping for a BIG WIN. It DID work!!! Started scratching off these tickets off screen and when I started to reveal some winning numbers, I decided to grab the camera to film what I was hoping was going to be a big win when scratching off the rest of these lottery ticket numbers.

This scratch off ticket has been doing very well for me lately, with some nice winners hitting lately, I know this streak of winning won’t continue forever, but for now I’m going to enjoy it.

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15 комментариев

  1. Yeah pal that was great !!!!!

  2. I like the humor… well done

  3. I don't know if your teket is real r fake cuz you always wins

  4. Now you can buy some hand cleaner.

  5. Congrats

  6. One thing that I have learned from these videos is that you can scratch lottery tickets with anything you just have to use your imagination and watch jigsaw jeff

  7. congrats Jigsaw nice win

  8. nice `100 winner that woulda gave your wife a manicure and then some if you woulda bet her agin lol

  9. Nice I'm gone pick me up couple today just subbed

  10. Yay for you! I just scratched $25 in 5 dollar tickets and all I got was covered in scratch off dust and the quarter I used to scratch the tickets!

  11. nice

  12. Love your videos

  13. Nice win Jeff ☺️. I had a nice win on a £5 scratchcard this morning.

  14. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

  15. Early!!

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