Jack and the Beanstalk — HUGE WIN — Bet size: €1.00

Jack and the Beanstalk — HUGE WIN — Bet size: €1.00

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  1. will you be streaming again?

  2. Awesome bonus on jack CT, nice 😉

  3. Great bonus CT. I still remember your almost 700x win on this.

  4. brilliant win

  5. thought I'd check in on your stream about 12am midnight UK time last night after quite sometime.
    you were very down then it all happened in 30 minutes! : )
    this was nice.
    I saw it triggering bonus after bonus which is so unusual on this tough game!!

    then saw your birds on a wire hit straight after. then went to bed hehe. find your stream the most realistic and real by a mile. your the only one worth watching! keep it up sir

  6. why do you always win big after i leave?! 😀 nice win ct 🙂

  7. awesome well done!

  8. Dette var BIG. Jeg klarer aldri vinne på dette spillet. Grattis CT

  9. Sick win! I called the 500x 🙂

  10. Nice! and just after i left 🙁

  11. Another good one 🙂 that was a nice comeback. 3:40 :D:D:D

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