++ JACKPOT ++ HANDPAY ++ 88 Fortunes Slot Machine — Super Big Win — ENJOY

++ JACKPOT ++ HANDPAY ++ 88 Fortunes Slot Machine — Super Big Win — ENJOY

[ad_1] With this video I want to say THANK YOU to all my viewers for more than 100 thousand views on my channel — THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!
It is a milestone for me :-)))
Here ist a quick European Handpay Video on a 88 Fortunes Slot Machine.
Holland Casino, Venlo, Netherlands, June 2017

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  1. He picked them so fast and I can’t understand how he selected each coin that fast without trying to figure out if there was a pattern or something

  2. Congratulations! Anything above the minor is so hard to get and you made it look so easy!

  3. Luxo

  4. Congratulations for MAJOR. I wish you GRAND one of these days 🙂

  5. That was nice of you to tip the friendly worker 🙂 Nice win! I just subscribed. Good luck!!!

  6. congrats Isee your channel from Argentina south america good luck friend

  7. Nice Win !!!

  8. Way to go on the hand pay!

  9. Great win! Congrats! Just subscribed to your channel too!

  10. Nice win! Great live picking

  11. there are nice casinos where yu live

  12. wow grats great win

  13. Wonderful Karl! Love seeing those hand pays!

  14. So happy for you! Great win — and it's great to see you gave her a little something for her assistance — too many people I see get hand pays today at our casino don't.

  15. Congrats ! Terrific win .

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