JACKPOT HANDPAY! Alexander the Great Slot Machine Bonus MEGA BIG WIN Max Bet

JACKPOT HANDPAY! Alexander the Great Slot Machine Bonus MEGA BIG WIN Max Bet

[ad_1] Reloaded. Slot machine jackpot on the Alexander the Great slot machine from WMS. Bonus features 10 spins at max bet of $4.80. Radiating wild features during the bonus round. This game is very volatile. On normal instances, this machine can play through 20 spins and not pay you a single penny. Fortunately, I was able to catch this machine at the right time. This is the third bonus the machine gave me in a matter of 10 minutes. Handpay action for all to enjoy! [ad_2]

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  1. In the Indian Tribe Casinos in Arizona…the payout threshold for a handpay is only $900, not $1200..that's why I try to avoid the Indian Casinos.

  2. Just a FYI KBR — This video comes up a couple times when you search alexander the great slot machine, stolen by other channels.

  3. hello

  4. Amazing elephant lined up the multipliers just right, nice one! Congrats!

  5. thanks for uploading this one, its rare to see this slot line up those multipliers in a line and with 2x 3x and 5x. Great job Congrats.

  6. Had to re visit this video because we have it on now and it is f-n unbeleviably more volatile than great eagle returns, had to bet 20 cents just to get a bonus lol.

  7. Awesome!

  8. wow amazing i love it!

  9. I want to get a big fat payout

  10. Love your vids, where do you usually gamble

  11. Love your vids, where do you usually gamble

  12. Hey you should post all the times you loose money too. What's the win to loose ratio for you?. It's a 99.99% loose to .09% win isn't it. Imagine if all those years of putting cash into a machine it was in you bank collecting interest. Just a thought.

  13. woooow

  14. Anyone watched this before?
    Slots- Pharaoh's way half a million win 

  15. and 1000 bucks goes to taxes lol

  16. Very nice!! Watch my Wheel of Fortune vid!+

  17. Amazing!!! congrats!! I love this game, but have never gotten the multipliers like that, holy crap!

  18. I don't get it with the hand pay? Why does it tell you that you have to perform a hand pay. Can't you just continue playing the game?

  19. Do you recall how much that 30x line of ladies was? I can't make it out on my screen…incredible win!

  20. Wow I don't even know what I would do if I ever actually won big on a slot machine lol. That's fantastic!

  21. This is cool 🙂

  22. That was an awesome win!

  23. Awesome hit!

  24. goshhh. that is awesome.

  25. SECRET!!! Max bet is the best way to win big,remember you are not just there to have fun,you are there to win money,no fun if you loose

  26. Wow!

  27. It was looking dismal at first till that 30X hit.  Hot damn.

  28. Those wilds were right on the spot!! Congrats. 😉

  29. wooo hooo nice hit!!!!

  30. that was a great video, I also struggle with this game glad you did well!! keep spinning and don't let security shut the video down!!!!!!

  31. That was outstanding on a game that is simply one tough S.O.B.! Congrats on the HP!

  32. Super awesome — I commented on your old upload, but I love watching this video.  SO GREAT when that last wild hits exactly where you wanted it to.  :-

  33. Super awesome bonus. Lousy game but you did awesome. Congrats.

  34. Man..talk about a video worth watching over n over again lol guilty haha. Love ur vidz thnx for sharn. Max bet pays off or offs ur pay quickly, good to see u beat the dang casino!! keep em comn 😉

  35. Did someone rip this from me? I had to re-upload because youtube was acting up…

  36. Thank you!

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