Jackpot Inferno Slot — BIG WIN — 5 SYMBOL Bonus Trigger!

Jackpot Inferno Slot — BIG WIN — 5 SYMBOL Bonus Trigger!

[ad_1] ‎The Jackpot Inferno slot machine by Everi is a fun slot that combines a progressive feature and a standard free spins bonus game.

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Unlike some slots where there can be too many features, Jackpot Inferno keeps it simple with just these two. The progressive feature is initiated by receiving 5 or more Jackpot Inferno symbols which then initiates a «Pick» screen where you are awarded 3 picks to start. Under each square will be either a credit award, 2 additional picks, or a Jackpot Jump symbol which will take you one level higher up the progressive chain. The feature ends when you are out of picks, after which your bonus total is the sum of your credit awards and the highest progressive level you made it to. Obviously, to get the higher awards, you need to trigger the progressive feature with a high number of Jackpot Inferno symbols and then have some luck picking!

The bonus is triggered by receiving 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols for 8, 10, or 20 free games respectively. Unlike other manufacturers, in Everi games, triggering a bonus with 5 symbols isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event, as you will see! The bonus uses a different set of reels then the base game where all lower-value symbols are removed, leaving only stacked wilds and 7s, increasing your chances for that Big Win or Jackpot, Enjoy!

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22 комментария

  1. This dude is so generic, he hits the same spot all the time..

  2. STOP PICKING CORNERS !! Yes I was yelling at you on a video… lol

  3. corner picks dont work.

  4. Wow what an awesome win! I love this game!!

  5. I played this last night and kept winning! Fun game for smaller bets

  6. Yeah.. i would give up on the corners.. I usually do a cluster pick..

  7. The first time I played it I got to level 10. I was playing$1 but it payed$311. Never came close since.

  8. Nice payoff! We got a few jackpot jump machines at pechanga. I wanted to do a live play as it happened, but didn't want to risk it. The only sort of HQ audio and video device i got right now is an IPad.

  9. I know that this game usually have the jackpot jump closers together.

  10. nice inferno bonuses. love this game

  11. big fan of jackpot inferno haven't maxed bet it though

  12. Indeed awesome win. I kind of like your picking method of the corners and of course picking can obviously be a hit or miss thing. This game is cool with some potential great video!

  13. In my experience with this game I've noticed the symbols are always grouped together. Out of curiosity, why do you continue picking corners when all you've done is lose when you do? Thanks for sharing!

  14. why do you pick the same spots? do you think you will have better luck if you switch it up every now and then

  15. cool. game

  16. I won 2,100 on it before Christmas.  If you look back over the Jackpot Jump bonuses they have a tendency to group the symbols together whether it be the Jackpot Jump symbols or those along with the +2 picks.  So if you find one of the Jackpot Jump symbols I find more consistent wins by choosing them close together.  But that's just me.  Happy New Year.

  17. This guy stole your video & uploaded it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DsP4wbBC7g Report him!

  18. the worst picker i have ever seen, don;t try to pick your nose, you gonna poke your eye out

  19. That is Fantastic! !!! Awesome win! I've never seen 5 bonus symbols! !!! That's a huge win, on your last spin! !!! Congrats BP!!!!!

  20. Keep it up, great job

  21. Definitely going to try this slot.

  22. Do you always get the bonuses and win a decent amount with each slot you play?

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