JACKPOT LIVE★Double Triple Diamond Slot Handpay on Free Play ! Slot Huge Win SanManuel, Akafuji slot

JACKPOT LIVE★Double Triple Diamond Slot Handpay on Free Play ! Slot Huge Win SanManuel, Akafuji slot

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  1. I would like to know who the 567 idiots are who dislike this video. Obviously haters

  2. 여러가지 머신이 각가지의 잭팟이 터지는것이 재미있네요.

  3. Where are you playing at?

  4. This is all staged by the casino to make you all to come in. This dude works for the casino.

  5. Kumst

  6. Kumat

  7. How do you get "free play"? I see everyone get these free plays like it refills your bet for you even when you lose

  8. What casino was this at?…..hard to find triple diamond machines or Blazing 7s

  9. Put. Go UK

  10. Many years ago in Wendover, NV at the Rainbow Casino I was playing double diamond slots and won $400.00. That's the largest payout I ever won and was fun.

  11. Why the machine stay on $270 they what they doing. $270 should have been down by now.


  13. That was a very friendly machine

  14. Thumbs down, click bait, leads you to believe something that didn't happen, sucker you into the ads

  15. Awesome

  16. Good machine !

  17. What Casino in Vegas has the loosest slots. ???

  18. At casino Arizona you don't hit anything like this it goes around 10 times before it even give you a $2 you never hit anything like this

  19. So you had that credit already?


  21. Why does it stay at 269 every spin. This is bs.

  22. Wow! 5:55

  23. Too blurred to see the amounts.

  24. Where do you find these old school machines?

  25. what kind of camera are you using ?

  26. How u get so much free play? You must spend thousands!

  27. You must gamble a shit ton of cash to get $550 in free play. It would be interesting to see the win/loss statements of these online gamblers.

  28. Great hit! Always like these 'classic' slots, still wish they use coins, miss the sound and the feel of coins, putting them in and seeing them come out.

  29. Thank. a. million.

  30. sorry … I do not subscribe to channels that are blurry … you should focus on your focus… makes my eyes go buggy… congrats on your winnings … if EVER I play ( ever again) I could only hope to win , because I always have LOST , and usually pretty quickly too , and thats not fun …continusly loosing , so now I can enjoy homelessness and youtubes like this where I at least can enjoy the great out doors while watching someone win <— not me tho …. Ever… Life sucks and then you suffer greatly before a merciful death <— which is what I pray for ..I've suffered enough I think???

  31. wow you hit all the thing i only dream of…

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