Jacob Obrecht — Missa Fortuna Desperata — I Kyrie

Jacob Obrecht — Missa Fortuna Desperata — I Kyrie

[ad_1] This great mass, though it is Jacob Obrecht’s most famous work, is not often recorded. It’s performed here by the vocal ensemble the Sound and the Fury, on their recording «Jacob Obrecht 1,» which also includes the equally brilliant Missa ‘Rose playsante’. They also have made fine recordings of Gombert, Ockeghem, and Fauges.

For information about this work, check out
Barton Hudson: «Two Ferresse Masses by Jacob Obrecht»
Richard Staines: «Obrecht at 500: Style and Structure in the «Missa Fortuna Desperata»
Rob C. Wegman: «Born for the Muses: The Life and Masses of Jacob Obrecht» [ad_2]

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  1. D`A K U J E M

  2. Jacob Obrecht
    ( Gand 1457-1505 Ferrare )
    MISSA FORTUNA DESPERATA — I KYRIE Sublime magnifique une pure merveille qui vous emportes sur une autre terre merci.

  3. Might have been a good idea to agree on a pitch before they started.

  4. When was this recorded?

  5. Wonderful! I didn't know there were any recordings of this (unfortunately, this one doesn't seem to be available in US). I like it a lot more than the Josquin Missa Fortuna—much more interesting and more Fortuna-y. I love the slow triple meter part in the middle of the Christe, especially as it starts rising at the end.

    Just looking around, there's a very clean, detailed scan of the Petrucci print at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. I'm now going to hit repeat and sing along with the bass again!

  6. Maravilloso este compositor, junto con Gombert y Desprez son mis compositores franco-flamencos favoritos. 

  7. Gracias! esta precioso

  8. I have the tremendous privilege to perform this magnificent work next month with the Fontys Early Music Ensemble. 🙂

  9. Thank you for posting these videos, I recorded this Missa many years ago on cassette tape from an FM radio broadcast; my original tape was worn out from frequent playing and being analog naturally had distortion . I ordered a CD several years ago that was derived from the original LP but it also was noisy, distorted and not worth listening to. I now can experience this exquisite gem in all of its perfection. The later Clemencic rendition of the Missa lacks the depth and beauty of this original.

  10. Yes, it is a shame how few recordings are made of great works like this. I agree with you completely. Dr. Wegman is a brilliant and kind man, and his book on Obrecht is essential reading. Thanks for listening 🙂

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