Jammin Jars waking up session! HUGE WIN!

Jammin Jars waking up session! HUGE WIN!

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23 комментария

  1. Wins 14k doesn’t even smile

  2. i hate this game

  3. Great git dave but imo i just miss the get paid reaction the laugh and the the tears lol i think latly all streamers raise up so much the stacks thats a win off this dimention it almost means nothing.. keep that in mind i still remember and u started off the small stack and that excitment u have back in the days.. still maximum respect for u much love take care bro

  4. Woooow that really cool I'm happy for you big D

  5. How is possible, for only the streamers get those glorious wins, not a single case for a normal player….

  6. Unreal bud

  7. Nice one David! Well deserved!

  8. I'm lucky to get 5x on this bonus

  9. Remembered when you said, during a session recently, that you were affraid you kinda lost the feeling about the value of how much money you were playing with.
    What you won here, is something that, UNIBET in Denmark are making commercials about online ( a guys winning 14 k ), and to you my dear friend, it looked like — meh. I know that you offcourse are happy and all, but this just underlines the initial thoughts, about loosing the perspective on just how much money we are talking about. This really should be a fair warning to all of us who loves gambling, that these winnings, in "normal" peoples lives, could be lifechangeing, and yet, it is like a sport and casual fun for many.
    You really deserve every Penny. But if you lived in Denmark, your goal of becomming a millionaire from gambling, would be acchieved 🙂 ( converting your gambling account, you are almost there )
    Big grats on the winning sweet Hendrik.

  10. Nice win congrats love your vids your a top man. GET PAID ££££££££

  11. its hard for streamers to sometimes get excited with the hours they do this but you could feel the tension here ..it was an inch off going totally insane…

  12. Get in gutted I missed the stream

  13. Good win bro but i never have luck on Jammin Jars. Get more than 20 bonus but none of them pays me more than 50x. Spend alot in there.. sad case.

  14. Greed….

  15. Cracking hit. Nicest guy on slots imo. Keep them coming dave

  16. Great win mate!

  17. 14k is very nice m8 on a 10€ bet but still not as close as the 100k on a 6£ bet from the bandit while yours had more potential . Bit unlucky that it was just 14k .

  18. From scammin' jars to slammin' jars — well played mate

  19. Cracking win!

  20. Get paid sir

  21. Labowsky hits labowsky scoressssssssssss get paid big man

  22. Get Paid!!!
    Nice run David

  23. David can I know name of casino where ur playing ?

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