Javier Fortuna highlights 2014 [HD] [HQ]

Javier Fortuna highlights 2014 [HD] [HQ]

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  1. that last fight the referee should not be allowed to ref again until he completes classes again, that guy was clearly out on his feet with a killer and he had one job and sends him back out there

  2. This is what happens when a boxer spend their whole amateur career getting "gift decisions" they didnt earn.

  3. People forget this guy use to put guys to sleep

  4. Fortuna el mejor

  5. Fortuna VS Robert Easter jr who y’all got ?

  6. I'm just gonna tell you I made a phat living off of scouting boxers. I've seen more shit than 99% of the population, and I don't knee jerk when I say this: This MFer has some skillz! After seeing him get his ass up off the mat and get crackin' with this a guy trying to give him the business (Omar Douglas) I said to myself, "This MFer is legit". Any of you investors that have questions you know how to get a hold of me. First come first serve I got no skin in it other than somebody needs to know about this dude. My two "once in a decade" fighters are Thurman and Wilder. Fuck his L. All the best boxers throughout history have an L. This guy is special.

  7. Sosa wins


  9. Should've been TIPICO music in the background.

  10. Fortuna has had over 200 amateur fights in mexico and Dominican republic , he is good .

  11. Fortuna has been fighting nothing but bums. But let's see how good he is when he goes up in competition. I like his style so far.

  12. Javier will be one of the last hopes to keep me watching boxing….

  13. HE FOR REAL..


  14. Abusador

  15. Ese es Javier fortuna dé la Romana villas nasater muchacho luchador y bueno con su mamá el papá murió pero el es buen Muchas y con lo muchachos dé su varios umierde Qué Dios los siga bendiciendo

  16. Fortuna is the future!

  17. R.i.P

  18. Dam his amazing 🙂 i swear i want to see him with paquiao lol 🙂

  19. Es un animal, Fortune, tenia que se nuetro orgullo dominicano 😀

  20. Ese tiene la cabesa dura le pega i nada mietra el da i lo deja en coma

  21. You see his trainer right? Sergio Martinez's trainer boy lol he does a good job of drawing guys into his fight and that's how he gets those devastating KO's…..Why hasn't this kid gotten more attention yet???

  22. Tiene dos piedras en los guantes….jajajajja da miedo cuando conecta!!! parece como si el saliera a matar! me recuerda al instinto asesino de Tyson al principio!

  23. es de losque da buen espectaculo……

  24. fortuna goes to my gym im not lying he always hits the bag

  25. Guillermo rigondeux vs this guy would be cool. 

  26. A good counter fighter will catch him.

  27. i cant wait to see fortuna vs paqio

  28. fortuna vs donaire.. I think donaire be killed

  29. get rid of that fakin anoyin soundtrak

  30. This guy must be counted as one of the pound for pound boxer…


  32. buena pelea seria el contra rigondeaux o tambien con yuriorkis inclusive tambien vs mike garcia

  33. ni que maldito golpeeeeee el del 2:39

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