Jester’s Mirror Slot — BIG WIN BONUS, YEAH!

Jester’s Mirror Slot — BIG WIN BONUS, YEAH!

[ad_1] The Jester’s Mirror slot machine by Konami is a basic video slot with a special novelty!

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And what special novelty you may ask? This slot features «mirroring wilds» where if a wild Jester symbol lands fully on reel 1, it’ll mirror to reel 5 (and vice-versa) and if one lands fully on reel 2, it’ll mirror to reel 4(and vice-versa) giving you a good opportunity to fill the screen!

Like most games, the idea is to trigger the bonus by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols for 8, 12, or 15 free games respectively. During the bonus you have the advantage that a Jester symbol that doesn’t fully land on a reel nudges to fill the reel and then mirror! Additionally, only 2 bonus symbols are required for additional free spins, a feature I love, although even with many retriggers, there can be a lot of dead bonus spins. All in all, a fun game, Enjoy!

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  1. Hard to get the bonus but does have potential

  2. No paga nada absoluramente nada basura de maquina!!0

  3. That game was trying to rob you.

  4. have you ever got bonus on back up spin

  5. hearing you say "and" is hella annoying!

  6. Looks like fun! Thnx for sharing! 🙂

  7. Tough game man. At least the bonus wasn't horrible. Congrats on getting it though. Holy cow

  8. Enjoyed the game except for the silent parts. I do enjoy hearing your voice, especially when you are happy to receive a bonus or a great line hit. Thank you!

  9. you..I don't think it bonuses lol that was funny.

  10. I only played this once never got the bonus. I'm glad you did well on it. I love games when it retriggers more free spins on 2 bonus symbols during your bonus round. Congrats on a decent bonus round and thanks for posting

  11. I have tried removing the comments in the section containing 18 replies without any success. I think you should delete them or have YouTube do it if you aren't able. You are too nice a guy to let people make such crude comments on your channel.

  12. Nice win! I've seen wild jesters on reels 2 and 4 few times, and then reel 5 created jester in reel 1 during bonus. I don't recall ever seeing any on reel 3?? Or did I just miss it? Gotta love those bonuses that retrigger with only two bonus symbols!!

  13. I played this about a year ago in Biloxi and it was so much fun!

  14. I really enjoy your videos, but in my dotage I forgot to never read comments on the Internet. Some of them can suck the IQ right out of a person.

  15. I love this game but every time I go to the casino someone's playing it. He'll all the machines made by this company is never empty…

  16. cool game. yes. yes. win. win. win. money. yes

  17. Juries out on this on.

  18. why does the music cut off every now and then

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