Jimmy Butler’s Trade Request Is a Big Win for the Lakers!

Jimmy Butler’s Trade Request Is a Big Win for the Lakers!

[ad_1] How Jimmy Butler requesting a trade will help the Lakers in the future.


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  1. He was good at team usa practice and thats it

  2. Kd, Klay, or Kawhi 2019. Lakers dont need him. Bulter is overrated and injured prone.

  3. Man,lebron has made it were even jimmy buckets is not coming, kawhi leanord,fuck the Lakers as long as queen James there!

  4. BUTLER and Kawhi are just about the same player….. THANK YOU this is what I've been saying for 2 days why would they want to join together, when LeBron is a better fit in a bigger more established market

  5. He's not going to the lakers he said lakers wasn't on his list

  6. @ 1:05 nice move. Copied and pasted to my drills.

  7. Great vid

  8. Magic should focus to get emeka okafor . That Is the peace lakers miss it.

  9. We don't need Jimmy Butler . Lakers got good players that can bring the same thing Jimmy Butler got. We are waiting for Kawhi Leonard with another player.

  10. Butler will be traded to the Clippers. Next summer, Kyrie and Kawhi will join forces with him to form a super team. It's doable. Gallinari will be an expiring in 2019, so they can easily trade him using a future 1st round pick.
    The Lakers will get Durant and trade for Anthony Davis.
    Two super teams in LA.

  11. My free agency predictions:

    Butler teams with Kyrie on the Knicks or Nets

    Kawhi stays in Toronto

    Klay comes to the Lakers

  12. If Jimmy is mad at Towns for his lack of defensive intensity, wait until Kyrie gets a hold of him. Kyrie be yelling help more than fools in burning buildings.

  13. The Lakers dont want to trade for thier 4th option…Let him be. They dont need him.

  14. Butler for noah

  15. Clippers get butler and kawhi!

  16. Lakers don't need Jimmy Butler………….They have better players..

  17. Magic please focus about emeka okafor. We need this big man. We have already a good squat. We only miss this piece emeka okafor.

  18. Yoooo That’s the move Lebron James game winner shot he practicing lol to funny

  19. Jimmy Butler to 76ers for Robert Covington and Zaire Smith and a 1st round draft pick

  20. No it's not

  21. Keep making these vids

  22. Lakers currently have better players on the roster than often injured primodona Butler, he's better off elsewhere.

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