Jon Drinks Water #3900 7-11 Spring Water VS Big Win Purified Water

Jon Drinks Water #3900 7-11 Spring Water VS Big Win Purified Water

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  1. Piss test?

  2. +leafyishere

  3. @leafyishere

  4. Wow. You've opened my eyes. I see the world completely different now. You've changed my life forever. I'm forever in your debt.

  5. wtf

  6. Can I just say from the amount of water you drink, you will outlive a lot of people! I wish everyone could be as commited as you

  7. I love watching people drink water!!? 😀

  8. Wtf is this! Someone please tell wtf is this madness. I drink water to gain 17,000 subs. So I could eat my meals and there's 1 million subscribed food channel ( facepalms )

  9. ONLY 100 TO GO!!!

  10. Finally i can jerk off to another Joe vid <333

  11. Water drinking Skype group

  12. What is your webcam? weird…

  13. Jon that was a very happy intro, you said it with a louder voice, I like it.

  14. Wat

  15. just quit youtube its ok

  16. i think you like water , am i right?

  17. jon the type of nigga that looks at 2 bottles of water for 1 minute

    sry I had to do it

    Don't spank me pls

  18. Drinks Water  to this

  19. my favorite to buy is deer park. youre getting really good at this keep it up

  20. Anyone from Grian? 😛

  21. Hi Jon. Rank these 3 please: CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens.

  22. hey Jon, sending you the wate
    (spa water) will be way to expensive for me, so unfortunately I won't be able to send it.

  23. gay

  24. gay

  25. I just realised that i'm barely seeing any of your videos in my sub box, this is the first one for ages

  26. Good job Jon, Good lack

  27. Jon I love you bro

  28. 3

  29. 2

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