Jungle Wild Slot Machine Bonus Big Win!

Jungle Wild Slot Machine Bonus Big Win!

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  1. out standing win i like that machine

  2. I love this game!

  3. lol….this is old…..I left a comment on your 9/13 (Ithink)/15 vid. Cograts…this was a great win! Lots of wild columns!

  4. My firts jackpot was in this machine. I still remember. I was betting $6 dollars and I won $1,400 woh nice 🙂

  5. very nice that was a solid bonus! is this in hl room?

  6. Where are the codes to JDC?

  7. I never lose at this game because………….I only play it on facebook!!!

  8. Sweet!!

  9. omg I would be so excited!!! Awesome!

  10. Awesome win Evoni 🙂

  11. Nice win Diane 🙂

  12. Awesome win Diana!!! 🙂

  13. awesome! omg u were quiet!! was $5 the max lines? the only thing missing in the video is someone next to you crying about how much they just lost!

  14. Ive played that exact machine quite a bit, and I can not get the bonus for the life of me. nice win. thanks for sharing.

  15. Was For You Diana keep on hiting big wins may your good fortunes be Jackpots GOOD LUCK Diana Take care 🙂

  16. Awesome win!  Congrats  =)

  17. nice win there anything like that is good in my books and something else to play with lol

  18. Beautiful Win!

  19. Awesome bonus 🙂

  20. hell yeah nice bonus on $5

  21. Fantastic Bonus Diana!  I need to try this in September!

  22. pinoypapapizza, there's no reply button on youtube for your question so hoping you see this. This slot is at Palazzo, but it's outside of the HL room. It's in a bank of $1 slots like Zeus and others not far from the $1 U-Spin slots. 

  23. Lets play that one next time Diana!!! 15 a spin HL LOL!!

  24. Is this at the HL Salon? Coz I'm here at the Palazzo now and only saw the penny version next to Bier Haus. Love this hotel btw….haha

  25. Nice win Diana!! I've played this on my iPhone for quite a long while and have never hit a screen like that! Now only if you got the matching yellow symbol on the 5th reel, you would be screaming perhaps! Glad you caught this on cam too 🙂

  26. Nice hit 

  27. Fantastic DIana! Good job on this one. I could tell that you needed that bonus, based on your response. Glad things worked out for you. Congratulations!

  28. Wow, Diana, love that win! Two thumbs up!

  29. Great bonus Diana very well done indeed!!

  30. That's alotta banana's! Nice win!

  31. Nancy A, youtube wouldn't let me reply to you directly, sorry. Some trips security and slot attendants completely ignore me or even watch me filming and say not one word. However this last trip, I was asked to stop so had to switch from my normal camera to my more discreet iPhone with the hope they wouldn't again make me stop. 

  32. That's a great bonus! Will security tell you to stop recording at palazzo?

  33. good bonus 🙂 niiicccceeeeee

  34. Well done Diana that was awesome xxx

  35. Beautiful bonus

  36. Yeayy there it is. Much deserved. Pity it didn't 5 of a kind you for the super

  37. How much do people usually put through to get these bonuses, I can imagine spending hundreds of dollars to get one bonus?

  38. That was great.

  39. Awesome win Diana, congratulations!!! About time this game gave you a great bonus

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