Jurgen Klopp praises Liverpool reaction in big win over Crystal Palace | Premier League Post Match

Jurgen Klopp praises Liverpool reaction in big win over Crystal Palace | Premier League Post Match

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Jurgen Klopp praised his Liverpool side’s reaction after their derby day disappointment against Everton with their stunning performance at home to Crystal Palace.

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  1. Mo Salah is the best player in the world. You are a magician. We are enchanted by your touches of the ball. A global player who changes any team you are with

  2. Legend. ❤

  3. we are the champions

  4. Liverpool won the league

  5. Well done to Liverpool but Chelsea all the way


  7. Are you now believers or doubters ?

  8. It's a shame Klopp doesn't focus on the cups as well like the Liverpool teams of old who would win the European Cup, league and cups as well, maybe not all in the same season but at least one of them a season. No respect for the English traditions imo.

  9. can't help but like Klopp. Not even a Liverpool fan

  10. Pep he should play poker Jurgen Klopp

  11. Chelsea 2-0 City
    Liverpool Champion!
    From Barca fan

  12. putting rivalry aside give credit where credit is due liverpool have won this league in the right way coming from a united fan

  13. The Boss ❤️

  14. And now you're gonna believe us!

  15. the players know all reds are watching all over the world so they cannot under perform like vs everton. i'm sorry for Alisson he didnt do a thing

  16. City have no weak team either way quality all over except maybe centre halves

  17. So sweet. Love to see him grinning like that in the thumnail

  18. This man is the best manager in the world. Hes transformed a whole club that was finishing 6th and 8th to the best team in the world. When he finally leaves, he needs a statue. What an amazing man.

  19. is it just me or has his English gotten worse?

  20. Allison was sorting the prem winners presentation on his laptop while he sat in goal

  21. The only guy I'd let shag my wife

  22. Time for creating history.

  23. Personal opinion: Klopp is the best coach in the world

  24. Booo

  25. They lifted the premier league

  26. interviews longer than the highlights nice

  27. This doesn’t slip now

  28. They beat a B+ team at best lol

  29. Neco was beautiful yesterday

  30. Great to see Fabinho back to his best, and as for Salah — plays superbly, scores a goal, makes a goal, must be one of the best three or four strikers in the world. No way are we going to swap him or Mane for somebody who plays in the French Farmers League.

  31. Exceptional by the boss not to single out any goal. class

  32. How did your team play tonight . BOOM

  33. We love you Klopp!

  34. Top drawer performance and no mercy for palace.hunted them down like a pack of wolves

  35. How is this interview longer than the match highlights

  36. Liverpool are the only team in Premiership history to prevent there opponent from touching the ball in their penalty area. Amazing stat

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