Justin Gaethje Discusses Big Win V James Vick at UFC Lincoln Calls for Tony Ferguson Match

Justin Gaethje Discusses Big Win V James Vick at UFC Lincoln Calls for Tony Ferguson Match

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  1. She called him dustin…

  2. Justin's likely going to die an early death from long-term brain damage, but at least he will have lived a full, exciting life, and a life he loved. This guy is the real-life ultimate warrior.

  3. gaethje vs diaz might be the greatest matchup in history

  4. Florian clapping, but you know he was like "damn, not another blown prediction."

  5. Gaychi vs Ferguson or Lee, guaranteed chaos!!!

  6. You don't deserve a tony match

  7. 19-2. Amazing KO.

  8. I told u guys Kenny bet on Vick you put ur money on Justin

  9. Man it is so hard for me to watch him speak…his brain is so fucked man. I feel bad for the dude because that CTE stuff is gonna eat him alive, it's sad.

  10. sorry guys, but that was a little win…

  11. Didn't Kenny say Vick by tko in round 3?? Now he's saying he Justin winning lol

  12. You notice he didn’t say none about Kevin lee. See people know Kevin is legit and is next champ and is gonna beat the Russian with great ol America

  13. Gaethje vs Diaz is the fight to make!!!

  14. Can Fox Fire that bald snapadoodle doo fuckhead yesterday?!

  15. nice one my booi!

  16. james vick got shut the fuck up

  17. Gathjae is a STUD.A real American hero

  18. He said Al Iaquinta is scared lmao. None of these savages are scared, especially not Al. Just took on Khabib on short notice and went the distance


  20. Win or lose no one can say Justin isn’t entertaining.

  21. no interest in the barboza fight I'd rather him fight Lee or Ferguson

  22. He is a good man# stay blessed JG

  23. Smack a doodle doo, boom goes the dynamite. Wtf

  24. I absolutly love Justin Gaethje , That man is a absolute humble savage !! so much respect!

  25. Love Justin

  26. Justin would chop Tony's leg, not good for him right now maybe in future

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