Kitty Glitter BIG WIN! Slot Machine BONUS Fun!!

Kitty Glitter BIG WIN! Slot Machine BONUS Fun!!

[ad_1] The Kitty Glitter slot bonus hit at the Lodge Casino in Black Hawk Colorado on a 1-cent denomination machine playing a $3.00 bet.

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  1. Nice channel! I'm trying to grow my channel, so I subscribed to yours. Please subscribe back!

  2. It's weird when RAJA IS watching some one else play lol. #BOOM GOOD HIT

  3. Do u have to say come on ?

  4. I hear Raja talking

  5. Free games!!! Nice win T !

  6. Really t big win anyways better luck next time

  7. One of my favorite slots!

  8. Good win, T! ☺️ Congrats

  9. Come onnnnn ohhh yea….

  10. Umm where was the big win??

  11. Sometimes it's just a struggle to get back to where you started. Glad you finally got the free games and wish you more good luck and fun. 🙂

  12. Nice! Great vid quality as well

  13. one of fav. games and cleo 2 :p

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