KRONOS & CHER: CHER-IFIC BIG WIN RUNS! [New Slot Machine Bonus Runs Wins Big Win]

KRONOS & CHER:  CHER-IFIC BIG WIN RUNS!  [New Slot Machine Bonus Runs Wins Big Win]

I’m VegasLowRoller and this is my KRONOS & CHER: CHER-IFIC BIG WIN RUNS! [New Slot Machine Bonus Runs Wins Big Win] video. Filmed at the Cosmopolitan and Santa Fe Casino here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Outro Music (used with permission): «Vegas Baby» by Jesse Allen Harris. Buy it on iTunes:

I may not be a high roller, but you will find plenty of BIG WINS, sometimes a HUGE WIN, SUPER BIG WIN or MEGA BIG WIN, and yes, even the occasional PROGRESSIVE or HANDPAY JACKPOT here.

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While you may see me gambling more often on WMS or Aristocrat games, I am a fan of all slot machines and go where the bonuses take me — and that includes Bally, Konami, Ainsworth, or IGT. If you have a favorite slot machine you’d like to try my hand at, please feel free to suggest one in the comments section and I will do my best to give it a shot!

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— Vegas Low Roller [ad_2]

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  1. Great video

  2. your awesome

  3. Great run on Kronos, congrats! I'm going to give Cher a try at Cosmopolitan next week, thanks for the preview. 🙂

  4. Fun slot. Nice win, congrats. Enjoyed the video as always.

  5. Great group of bonuses! Calling Cher an old lady…..shame on you…..she' only 70! Haha…..thanks for posting.

  6. Finally, Cher Live Slot machine is out:)) I have been waiting forever!! thanks for your fabulous videos DUDE:)

  7. What's the song you use at the end of all of your videos?

  8. Hey — was the Cher slot at the Sante Fe?

  9. BOOM!  Awesome wins.  Congrats.

  10. Your really hot tonite good buddy'

  11. When I go the chino I always lose 50

  12. hurry up and make more slot videos ☺☺☺

  13. Nice outing on Kronos, VLR! I'm really like the respin feature.

  14. You should be a radio DJ you got a great radio voice.

  15. $2.50 a spin, no longer a low roller. nice

  16. Love the video

  17. "I beieveeeee" had my laughing!! Great vid, shame about the sucky copyright — youtube sort it out.

  18. i believe!!!!!!!

  19. What a great run! Nice plays. Great luck getting that bonus so quickly as well.

  20. Fantastic win!  Love your videos! keep 'em coming!

  21. I enjoy watching your videos, very entertaining! I like the fact you don't use curse words like other channels.

  22. Your funny! Love your videos. Boom Chaka la kA .

  23. VLR, what's that song at the end of some of your vids, Las Vegas I gambled on you? Looking but can't find it!

  24. You should've added majestic to the title haha!!!

  25. Lmao soon as you hit the bonus! I'd like a re-trigger every spin that would be nice! Nice job.

  26. " I believe " that Cher would have been nicer to you if you hadn't called her an old woman. LOL

  27. where have you been?

  28. love when u make 10+ long videos. =)) Can u play Rise of Ra? ever heard of this slot?

  29. I always get so happy when i see you post a new video. 🙂 you are so funny! nice wins! keep em comin!

  30. Great Win!!! Looking forward to being there Friday til Tuesday. From Memphis TN

  31. I'm sure you're not the first to believe in Cher and get disappointed.

  32. Loved it !!!! You rocked it. Always love the commentary !!!! I like Jackpots !!! Lol

  33. Nice first look of Cher, VLR! Looks like a really fun game!!! Very nicely done in Kronos too! Congrats!!! 🙂

  34. wow good job with Kronos back to back. I haven't seen Cher Live, that looks like a fun game to play!

  35. Always enjoy your videos. please keep em coming. Congrats Boomchacalaca

  36. Nice wins.

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