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Kronos — MEGA BIG WIN jackpot! (18/9/2011)

Kronos  — MEGA BIG WIN jackpot! (18/9/2011)

What can I say… I got this sweet hit at Fallsview Casino in Ontario, Canada on September 17th. I can’t complain with a $225 hit on 30 cents in a bonus round and this video as far as I can see is the first one out there with a «full screen» of the top payout of this game by a player! You saw this here first folks!

Thanks WMS for the great game even if my experience on it is usually bad luck in getting the damn bonus rounds or even when I finally get it… They usually suck! Gotta love breaking that once and for all. 😀

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  1. That was beautiful!

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  3. nice!

  4. Lol jackpot then i hit jackpot many times hahhaha

  5. Thats JACKPOT!!!

  6. give it time you'll end up broke. They are made like that, you are just in a big upswing that will turn into a downswing. It's the same for everyone. Only if you quit right now you'll still be able to say you are ahead in a few years.

  7. Moron, the more you bet the more you lose. Even if you get better payout when you win, you end up a bigger loser. Now is the time for a therapy man, your brain is all confused.

  8. Congrats!

  9. you should have walk out of the casino with over $2000 if u begged max….lol

  10. I won 272 on this game last week. It's my favorite 🙂

  11. Slot machines are random number generators based on how and what you bet that specific second. Theres no trick to them just luck. Betting more wouldnt make this happen. Its completely random.

  12. @coreye0225 I can imagine it . . . probably wouldn't of had the last zeus on the last real since I'm sure the machine was only prepared to pay out what it did on that bet and the result probably would of been different with a higher bet

  13. wow i dream of hitting this on a 5c machine. very, very nice hit

  14. Awesome win on a .30 bet! Congratulations and I'm glad you had such a good time.

  15. 766X line bet win!!! awesome… and so nice that you managed to get a video.

  16. make sure you dont pull the power cord

  17. @bannedfromutube1 You got me there… However, here are some quotes that prove my point about how he dislikes any video where the person isn't MAX BETTING and he has to let everyone know about it just because it isn't "his way" on what people should play at.

    — "I would have slit my wrists after hitting all that on a 25 credit bet! LOL"
    — "Good hit! At least u had the sense to play MAX unlike so many other people!!"

    That last quote drives it home. What "Sense" is he talking about? His own. 🙂

  18. @coreye0225 I can imagine all of the money that I would lose before I would hit that amount. I bring only $100 to a casino, any "decent" bet amount would be gone very quickly and I don't play to win big. I'd like that to happen, but I know 95% of the time that it won't happen so I play to have fun.

    I just saw your other comments on your channel. You don't see us complaining about you "betting too much" so don't say that stuff about us betting too small for your liking. Thanks 🙂

  19. @sonict11 — great mega big win! congratulations — we're glad you caught this on video to share with us! Very impressive!

  20. Fan FN Tastic , congrats on kronic kronos hit

  21. Sonict11- YOU ARE the MAN!!! Congrats! that was a good one!

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