Kronos Unleashed Slot Big Win! 2X Free Games! Max Bet Bonus, Who Wins?

Kronos Unleashed Slot Big Win! 2X Free Games! Max Bet Bonus, Who Wins?

[ad_1] Jace Vs DGen go into a battle of slot supremacy! Each of us took $100 into the casino of our choice to try and dominate Kronos Unleashed and have the biggest win! Jace choose Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. DGen choose The Palms in Las Vegas. Both are part of the Station Brands of Casino here in Las Vegas. Absolute super fun sessions from the both of us. I added some fun editing, so please let me know what you think. Please Comment, Share with your friends, Like the Video, and Subscribe… As soon as we get to 1000 subscribers we are going to do a $200 gift card giveaway!

Filmed at the Red Rock Casino and The Palms here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. Good stuff that yellow ass kronos givin a hard time but paid one of you … told you and will tell you again you guys are putting out real good stuff that people need to see — please hook up with the channels that can help you ( and they will ) just yesterday and today there is a big gathering in Cosmo its Brian Christopher and slot queen birthday so you have at least 6 to 10 more channels showing up — go mingle brothers — Brian starting live 2 separate times in 1.5 hours on one of his channels and right after that on his second channel — $5000 each time — he is the nicest person you can meet he will help you get expo — YOU GUYS ARE GOOD !!!

  2. Nice from the lizard

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