Kronos Unleashed Slot Machine $6 Max Bet BIG WIN | JACKPOT & Lightning Respins WINS | Live Slot

Kronos Unleashed Slot  Machine $6 Max Bet BIG WIN | JACKPOT & Lightning Respins WINS | Live Slot

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26 комментариев

  1. I like how you say buddy

  2. it is kornos not zeus 😀

  3. Is NG Jean Claude van Damme they sound a like

  4. For someone labeling jackpot all over their thumbnail, I was expecting to see one…

  5. Hey NG … an awesome win. I subbed ya! I hoped you would check out my site when you get a chance. I was off almost 2 years as I had a bad stroke and am paralysed down the right side. I can not drive or work. I try to stay positive with my slot site and I think you will like it. Sub me if you like it! Hope to hear from you!

  6. you keep saying Zeus this is kronos…..


  8. Was this on a cruise?

  9. That was awesome NG…you got a little bit of everything with your play. Congrats on the wins 🙂

  10. Nice session bro! I'm still waiting for a nice win on this one myself, haven't had luck on it.

  11. Thanks for sharing nice run session. Keep it up NG.

  12. Very nice session full of features, TYFS!!!

  13. You keep saying `zeus` buy you`re playing `kronos`. If i was the machine, i`d be annoyed. I would not let you win.
    But, great job anyway!

  14. Nice session my friend! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend too!!! Will you be going live this coming week!?!

  15. This is such a nice video and on my birthday too. ^_^ Thank you for sharing your big win with us all.

  16. Where are you from??? I swear I could listen to you talk all day…… Great win btw

  17. Very nice NG! Great session, tough game at max bet! 🙂

  18. Great session NG !!

  19. Down to your last spin! Kronos gave you new life. Well done.

  20. Congrats NG great wins on Kronos!! Awesome video!!!

  21. Very nice hit

  22. I feel like if I put in $100 and bet $6 it would be gone in less than 5 min

  23. Awesome great win

  24. Very nice session there mate, well done. Cheers from Scotland

  25. Absolutely a great video and wins NG…Loved watching. Keep it going and continued good luck my friend.

  26. Good job, NG Slot! This is the favorite kronos by WMS Interactive!

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