Larkspur Build 2019 (Guide) — The Arch-Overlord (Warframe Gameplay)

Larkspur Build 2019 (Guide) — The Arch-Overlord (Warframe Gameplay)

[ad_1] Larkspur Build 2019 (Guide) — The Arch-Overlord (Warframe Gameplay)

With the release of Hildryn also came a brand new Arch-Gun called The Larkspur and with it an Amprex-like version for our heavy gun collection!
The weapon features two fire modes. In the primary fire mode the Larkspur sports a high status chance bow low critical chance. The Primary beam does arch to additional enemies and without the use of punch-through it seams that a maximum of five enemies ca be damaged simultaneously. The range of the arch appears to be four meters from my own testing but the wiki claims otherwise.
The Larkspur also appears to be losing damage with each and every single jump. From what I observed approximately twenty percent per jump but I may be wrong as this was rather difficult to accurately test. Finally, the range of the main beam is a staggering forty meters!

The secondary fire mode is a charged shot that releases a plasma bomb with an eight meter radius. The explosion can do self-damage and the shot can be held-in for about three seconds after its fully charged. The projectile has travel time but no projectile fall-off and it also benefits from «Infinite body punch-through» so aiming for the feet of opponents to get the explosion damage is highly advised.

It’s hard for me not to love everything about this weapon. I’m all about spacey-futuristic weapons and this one checks all the right points and has a serious amount of power to back-up its looks! I highly recommend the Larkspur to just about anyone regardless of what build you chose, the weapon does not disappoint.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Swear to God, I've been playing warframe for a long ass time (almost 6k hours, spread out over the years) and never had I ever seen an arch gun multishot mod until this video lol

  2. How is the fluctus for regular warframe use?

  3. That was a nifty opening shot

  4. So that's why sometime I don't explode mobs with the charge … xD
    Larkspur is also my goto archgun now, it's an Amprex mark 300 capable of Corro-Rad-Heat. What else pliz ? When Riven ? =D

  5. Damn Leyzar flexing on us with the Tennicon emote

  6. Any videos on how to obtain the ability to summon arch weapons?

  7. When will you do some melee builds

  8. Funky lookin weapon leyzar. Good vid. Hope ur wife is well also.

  9. embolist please

  10. Nice video, got the Larkspur not that long ago and i realy love it.
    i saw that you had some mods i still need for archgun…time to get to work to get a even bigger monster of a gun.
    Also would love to see you make a video about the new AMP's of fortuna or AMP's in general ?
    like what AMP is best for eidolon or ground control and with arcane is best to use with it.

  11. R3 for controllers

  12. self damage kills you~

  13. Imagine once they bring in archgun rivens

  14. Click right thumbstick for 360 pad alt fire.

  15. The fun factor is high with this one.

    I like to sometimes run atmos, amprex, and larkspur for crowd control weapon overkill.

    So great.

  16. Talks about buff goes to back view of Mirage prime warframe. Big cough,very big cough.

  17. The velocitus I made last year is still rank 14 lmao

  18. btw lol nice MIrage dmg buff — 666% 😀

  19. BRO! If u dislike new Arcanes UI — thats cause u need to enable in options Show item names thing 🙂 And everything will be fine and pleasure

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