League of Angels — Fire Raiders Ep 7: FORTUNA'S ERROR | ARENA |

League of Angels — Fire Raiders Ep 7: FORTUNA'S ERROR | ARENA |

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League of Angels — FR
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League of Angels is the hit Action RPG that allows you to
— Form your own band of brave heroes and mighty angels
— Repel an invading army of demons and monsters
— Fight against players around the world for great prizes
— Join fellow warriors to form the most powerful Guild
— Discover the ultimate strategy that will make you invincible
— Play on iPad, iPhone and Android devices

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14 комментариев

  1. Hey Hihaos Do you think you wanna revenge who fight on the arena get new hero and new angel I don't like Fortuna her second skill is bad I battle on hero trial to mode six I have awekening night blade bamboo fighter and blood baroness my name is Mikaela on the league of angels but I'm the pimp i get 24 angels out of 27 angels hahahahhahhahahah

  2. But I now what is fortuna s second skill cast a lightning bolt 4

  3. the description is actually for Claudia

  4. Hihaos when you got Claudia her second skill is summon gift bro

  5. fortuna error is cool but fortuna is damage bad.

  6. your kinda weak for your level

  7. if u still play let me know why the heck cant i play the game from pc only from tellphone ?

  8. something wrong happened Fortuna is having Claudia s 2skill it is full wrong

  9. I think the error is actually Claudia's second skill

  10. keep going dude.i dont like fortiune i prefer alecta.

  11. LOL! XD you left Djinni on the front.

  12. can you do hero guide which is good bad ,etc

  13. Keep making more videos pleaze

  14. Hey bro do you think its good idea to use Pyrona and Blue Witch in same party ?

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