Leonidas 2 Slot Machine Huge WIn!!! Incredible run of BONUSES!!!

Leonidas 2 Slot Machine Huge WIn!!! Incredible run of BONUSES!!!

[ad_1] Played Leonidas 2 for the first time at San Manuel Casino and I have to say that this is probably the funnest slot I’ve ever played! Had a very nice win and hit Bonus after Bonus! Enjoy!!!

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  1. nice win slot lady..

  2. Great game. Lots of bonus hits. You go girl.

  3. Always nice when the video starts out with Stone Temple Pilots playing in the background.

  4. Nice teeth x

  5. love it when you curse

  6. SPAAAAARRRRTTTTTAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I would like to see a Star Trek The Next Generation slot, I know they did a star trek slot about 6 or 7 years ago that was pretty lame.  I think they could really make a good one.

  8. i love you baby..

  9. I like slot goddess. You're the cutest in the casino. Oh and adore the fire.

  10. I live vicariously through your slot adventures. I love those bonus game slots. Keep making videos and I'll keep watching. Thanks

  11. Wow you are so fun listen to so addictive and i sitting here hoping for you to win bonus bonus bonus bonus 🙂

  12. U are the cutest women in the world like your smile. ..

  13. You are proficient in these games

  14. "Hot for Teacher" had me laughing, odd choice for casino music. Love the videos keep up the good work!

  15. Greatings

  16. That game sucks, its a waste of time.

  17. hahaha you're commentary was awsome is this vid lol so cool keep it up. you're a winner

  18. You are cute when you curse. 😉

  19. Your voice is very soothing.

  20. Маленькая хорошая девочка…люблю твой канал…

  21. That was awesome; congratulations. Have to say this is not the type of themed game I would normally gravitate to in the casino but your channel has opened my mind that there's more to playing the same old movie theme and three reel cherry slots. 🙂 This one looks like a lot of fun.

  22. Though the 2nd time on that..WOW!! That's the biggest hit ive ever seen on this machine!!

  23. That first bonus was garbage…lol

  24. Wow. F**k. Lol. Fun game

  25. Don't give me that bitch hahahaha love it

  26. That was fun to watch

  27. Slot Lady If I Owned the Whole World I would give it to You and then I would be Broke!!!!! Keep Fortunate Gorgeous Slot Lady Sincerely Thomas Raymond of Fresno California!!!!!!

  28. The song?
    Eyes of the Tiger…
    You are very beautiful girl.
    Saludos desde Arica, Chile.

  29. Love your vids! Keep them coming!

  30. nice win

  31. Not used to Beautiful Lady saying Fuck!!!! 😉

  32. Wow them bonuses hitting very often. Nice hit!

  33. You're awesome, that was a great win!

  34. I enjoy the cussing. my mom calls it the cuss-ino cause it brings out the potty mouth in everyone LMAO.

  35. 5:59 Shit!…Fucken DIE! haha! brutal! if there was ever 'ments awards for slot channels. legit hands down winner!

  36. Great hit

  37. That was very fun slot. Stay awesome stay beautiful and keep winning.

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