Let’s Play Darksiders 3 With CohhCarnage — Episode 1

Let’s Play Darksiders 3 With CohhCarnage — Episode 1

[ad_1] Cohh takes a look at THQNordic’s Darksiders 3 to see what it has to offer. — Watch live at

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  1. wow im watching this and it plays the release trailer for it lol.

  2. is it not Pestilence?

  3. this was like a no brainer game to buy for me but… all those negative steam reviews… guess I'll watch Cohh first and see wtf is going on.

  4. You pick games up fast. Have you ever considered or done a devil may cry series play through

  5. You did jump over it a couple times alright, and every time you failed was due to jumping either too late or already starting to drop down as the wave came in.

  6. very corny and bad acting sadly. and lore

  7. Hey cohh, have you played darksiders 1 and 2? If not, you should indeed! They are awesome!

  8. yea, thats cause you mash A, use that double jump distance, A…A then grab….dont AA cause you will actually jump a smaller distance

  9. "Is sin not devine" I love that

  10. Too broke for this game right now(thanks to RDR2) been hoping you'd play this awwwwwwwe yes 😛

  11. So what happened to famine and pestilence?

  12. Is this a re-hash of Crash Bandicoot?

  13. Thanks, one for the not-to-get list

  14. "look what i can do"
    Nice Stuart reference

  15. Nice, but there are already 432,532,598 games like this already

  16. You really need to stop with the max difficulty crap.

  17. last time i found the seven deadly, i ate at Taco Bell.

  18. This truly is the Dark Souls of Darksiders

  19. That Thanos snap

  20. Apocalyptic is what you work toward not what you start on.

  21. Looks God of War-ish

  22. ERmmm sooo I just watched the intro…and I'm not familiar with the franchise…so War is chained because….he caused war? Ermmm what?

  23. "Be vigilant, Fury! Forces conspire against us!" … well, obvi. I mean, someone breaks the Sins out of jail? Gotta break up the Horsemen, or the Sins just end up back in the Pit. Sheesh. (And don't trust that Watcher — this stinks of an inside job, and the guy assigned to shadow you could be an enemy agent. I haven't played the game, but that's storytelling 101.)

  24. This is such a stupid story the first 2 where so good and then we get this?

  25. Gonna give this a try when the torrent is up (y)

  26. I think they forget to place a checkpoint before the boss

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