Let’s play slots at the M Resort in Las Vegas! BIG WINS!

Let’s play slots at the M Resort in Las Vegas! BIG WINS!

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  1. VLR does streaming from Red Rock…..

  2. I won almost 3k on that 3.52 bet at a new buffalo casino on the fu Nan fu nu slot. My favorite slot ever though so maybe that's why it was nice to me that day lol I got very lucky.
    I wish you luck n wealth in all your future casino endeavors! 🙂

  3. Great wins, keep up the good work.

  4. This was fun. I enjoyed your live play. I wasn't so lucky to be chosen but I enjoyed nevertheless. Still wishing you large line hits and jackpots.

  5. Hey Neilly 777 … have a great time in VEGAS — some of your classics (like the BELLAGIO) are so good … M Resort was always one of my Go To places! Snow on the ground! You're great!

  6. You’re right, M Resort has the best buffet.

  7. I was late

  8. Wow what a great live neil ! Sorry I missed but so happy you had winning live !

  9. You need to come through tehachapi on your way home. Stop in Walgreens and meet me !

  10. Great wins on those piggies my friend!! I played them earlier, reluctantly because they never pay me. A few spins in I triggered the pigs on a dollar bet (2c denom) and won just over $250. Needless to say, it restored my faith in Mr. Piggy!! hahaha.
    Great stream 🙂 So sorry I missed it!

  11. The best of luck to you Neil!

  12. Damn I am so sorry I missed it. I did not even get a notice.

  13. There was snow in Vegas too I could see people walking out of the luxor on the marble and sliding 2 blocks..lol

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