Let’s Play Star Stable #134 — FORTUNA FESTIVAL 2017

Let’s Play Star Stable #134 — FORTUNA FESTIVAL 2017

[ad_1] The Fortuna Festival has begun! Let’s chase rainbows, unlock the race in Golden Hills Valley, complete some fishing tasks for Mr. K Trout, and complete another day of horse shoe forging with Conrad!

Server: This Episode — Frost Valley


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DISCLAIMER: I work for Star Stable Entertainment but have not been paid to create this video. All opinions are my own. [ad_2]

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  1. what are tinker's please respond-
    I love u stacy u are the best

  2. This is probably late but this is the way I organised my things. Each of my horses have their own designated set of gear and pets which they have on at all times. Then in my closet i have a page for sets of gear and another page where I keep random pieces of gear I get from quests and I divide these according to what they are (saddles, blankets, etc). With clothes I have a page for each clothing item so like a page for shirts, a page for pants, etc. I know it seems like something a neat freak would do but this makes it easy for me to find my clothing and my sets of gear. When I want to switch horses quickly they are already dressed and ready to go and if I get a new horse and I need a new set of gear that is also ready to go. It's pretty easy you just have to be good with keeping everything in place.

  3. the horse was shaking his head like a rock star(sorry im new to this channel)

  4. i like when you said in a cowboy sound"no pants" it was sooo funny
    lol 😀

  5. But what colour of the sport horse?

  6. I really would like, trading or gifting added to the game 😀

  7. what server r u on?

  8. You posted this on my birthday 😀

  9. i found that race hard as well and that was before they changed the signs from white to yellow which was not the smartest idea to have yellow signs that blend in with the trees it would of been better if they used a cool color like blue to contrast the warm colors. its so weird i have been chasing the rainbows but so far i have not got a saddle reins or saddle pad are they not part of the collection this year or am i just really unlucky


  11. i just beaten you

  12. when are you on mostly

  13. how server are u?

  14. I like your videos, they are awesome.

  15. Today is Friday and I am getting a freeze and a quarter horse I think

  16. i can't even get in todays update did it 🙁

  17. Hey Stacy! I was wondering what recorder you use? Btw i'm a huge fan and I love your videos!

  18. Hey, just asking I'm lvl 13 and I still can't find the 4th clue on James's treasure hunt, plz some1 read I AM RLLY STUCK!

  19. Another amazing video! You always seem to manage to cheer me up when I'm sad. Love your videos Stacy. Stay awesome Stacy.

  20. What server are you on pls tell me

  21. Anyone wanna give someone you dont know a lifetime?, My name is Sophia Darkgren! Im 11 in real life. I have always wanted a lifetime star rider but have never been able to… I really wanna change that! Plz email me if you can help me out with this!

  22. Do Alicia ONline

  23. Also you know when you shop at the mall how it shows and is sorted, or you could filter your options. I would love for them to change it. Also, I love ur horse.

  24. which server (s) are u on?

  25. Hello

  26. the biggest thing i need right now is…more clothing room and i wish the wardrope was like in the store that you can try things on and see them.

  27. hey stacy, i have a question (if you'll respond :'D). Should I do the rainbows? Idk cause I did them last year and I think the only thing I got was the shirt. xD

  28. hi Stacy my friend she as a friend but long on it dose not. show up how come.

  29. Tuna Festival! yay!

  30. I'd love it if the wardrobe showed clothes like the mall does, then it would make finding certain clothes so much easier (and making outfits too!). I love the rainbow hunting, it's one of my favourite events

  31. how do you get clover gear? plz tell me

  32. I love how much food I get from Chaun. I have 33 horses to feed and that means I spend $1,650 on food every single day. so far I have two days worth of food from him. but that's only because I haven't been doing the rainbow all that much, since I'm TRAINING MY NEW MUSTANG FROM THE APP! Morningglory aka Jazz, same color as Luckydust.

  33. Hola I love your vids and you other acount on star stable and I have nearly all lepcon gear you are my favourite. What server are you on CAN WE BE FRIENDS

  34. Stacy you are Lucky my computer is died and it's not. charing I dn'd know what's wrong!?

  35. PLZZZZZ lol it just bothers me when someone does not wear a saddle pad

  36. i think you should go to the mall and get some green and black stuff for your horse and clothes makes sence Stacy

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