Let’s Play Star Stable #135 — Fortuna Parade 2017

Let’s Play Star Stable #135 — Fortuna Parade 2017

[ad_1] It’s time to help Loretta and the Bobcat girls prepare for the Fortuna Parade! Plus, Cadence gets a new look!

Server: This Episode — Frost Valley


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DISCLAIMER: I work for Star Stable Entertainment but have not been paid to create this video. All opinions are my own. [ad_2]

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  1. friend me plzz

  2. oh hope you feel beater from ur cold

  3. It's funny how you are becoming a soul rider and Loretta is just a bobcat girl!!! hahaha @stacyplace Get better soon though <3

  4. hi i hope you get better soonyou are my fav youtuber

  5. Stacy. I finally unlocked epona just a few days ago, after almost a year of playing! I wanted to thank u cause after all, u r the person who inspired me to play star stable so Thank You! 😀 (if I hadn't have watched ur videos id probably be bored rn). XD

  6. hi stacy

  7. where is the new episode

  8. Why do you never make videos only sometimes can you plz make more

  9. i love her vids

  10. I love you Stacy lol

  11. OMG yay u listened aboutdoing another video with ur friesian =^.^= but no shoutout? its ok 🙂 get better soon

  12. Wait one thing, how is Julie protecting her nails with gloves??? MAGIC

  13. Hi Stacy,

    I have a document sent over to Star Stable online and I need to send you a copy. Unfortunately it is of a pressing matter and I would like to send you a copy. I see your mailing address, but I was wondering if you might have an email account I could send the report to?

    Thank you so much.

    -Athena Nightport

  14. soo… just out of curiosity, when we give in to Julie, is it because we're that susceptible to flattery, or because we just want her to shut up? XD

  15. Omg
    I randomly started singing Happy Pills at 15:07

  16. Hope you get better

  17. Strange 47 comments and 1,774 views 99 likes three dislikes but upload 11 hours ago really shocked

  18. wear a saddle pad please

  19. Pink hair? Wow!! I just got a Pink ponytail on my alternate. I decided to make my Jorvik Warmblood my Fortuna horse. I never ride him, and he looks great in green!

  20. I've been feeling sad because of club problems could I have support? xD

  21. That was hilarious :'D Hope you feel better soon!

  22. L A Z Y spells bobcat girls

  23. hope you get over your cold<3

    seems like 2017 is full of little bugs..i was sick until 2 weeks ago (almost straight)
    but anyways, get well soon<3 we all love you!!

  24. Hi Stacy sorry u are not Feeling well you are Awesome!!!!

  25. 35th 😀

  26. Hope you feel better Stacy I am sick to so we can be sick beasties XD Hope we both feel better Love Hannah and the Sparrow Horses

  27. Get well soon Stacy!!

  28. i hope u get better!

  29. Awe! Get well soon Stacy!

    TWINNING. I've got a cold too. :3

  30. hope y'a feel better!

  31. Hope you feel well soon! Love you Stacy 🙂

  32. Love your videos!!!!
    Get well soon!!

  33. Nooooooooooooooo

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