Lightning Link Moon Race Slot Machine! MAJOR Jackpot! HUGE Win!!

Lightning Link Moon Race Slot Machine! MAJOR Jackpot! HUGE Win!!

[ad_1] Awesome run on Lightning Link Moonrace at Golden Gate Casino Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!

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  1. That was definitely not a sour session

  2. I'm terrified that I'll be all "I'm gonna be like the slot lady!" Put in $300 and lose it all.

  3. You might be Lady Luck… you have challenges… but you never give up…. Your card skills are better than most… but heads up play is tougher on card selection.

  4. Day #41 +$403.10 = +$5,113.45 ('20)

  5. Nice Major! Congratulations!

  6. what was ur bet on 10 cents 5.00 bucks ??

  7. do you work close to the casinos where you play or do you travel ?

  8. I think it is bad luck to stop the music at least until all the credits have been payed out. But you still seemed to cash.

  9. You inspired me to have faith in penny slots and to play them against other table game. Today was the first day I walked out positive from my earnings! Even if I was up 20$ at the end of my session it made me have more fun doing slots. Best of luck Slot Lady

  10. What I’ve learnt is just have the bankroll to lose few hundred first and it’ll hit.. lol

  11. Hello, that's a great game. keep winning gorgeous (love it) smile.

  12. nice win

  13. Bonne chance Sarah

  14. well done , great win

  15. Come back queen strikes again lol great win thanks for the video

  16. You have beautiful teeth 😀

  17. Congrats, but i hear shark week in the background. Have you tried that game yet? I played it this past w/e, everybody machine except mines was winning

  18. lol you won hella money this time

  19. Awesome

  20. So the minor and major are the same amount almost. What a rip off

  21. WoW, congratulations. I wished you good luck and you win a jackpot. You see how this works? 😉

  22. That win was out of this world

  23. Thumbs up sarah, moon race is my favorite lightning link!!!

  24. Moon race and buffalo.

  25. Are right guys, let's win!!!!! Come on.

  26. Well done. A true win, exciting play. You seemed genuinely stoked as you've been battling as of late. I appreciate the battles because I know sometimes you play to create good content instead of ending it early just for profit because losing another 400.00 just to make your video 10 minutes doesn't guarantee your going to make that loss back from the video revenue. So..thanks.

  27. Seriously, you have to be the cutest slot person on the net. So, cute…..

  28. Your vids sure look good these days. 4k???

  29. Nice win Sarah.

  30. Very nice win Slotlady, with that much of a profit, go out for supper, very sweet!

  31. Good evening and congratulations on your win Sarah ❤❤

  32. duta dut dut dut dut duh lol love it

  33. Congratulations Sarah…. good job…

  34. Ooooooh that woman talking in the background got me all kinds of pumped up

  35. nice win

  36. Good come up, especially after that crappy bonus

  37. When you finally get the grand on a lightning link slot no doubt it will be moon race, that slot really likes you!!! thanks for vid pretty slot lady!

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