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  1. diana great hits

  2. What bets are you doing?

  3. I can't get enough of this game ! lol congrats

  4. how is this super big?

  5. Glad to see u having fun on lightn lamp and stuff I never seem to do well on them red kangaroo game is my best one

  6. love these machines a week ago i hit the  mini  the   minor and the  major  all  3 at once it  gave me  900.00 was  so excited  but  they are so  popular  now  hard to   get one  to  play

  7. Does this casino own Heart of Vegas online slots, lol. same sounds when you win

  8. What casino in Vegas has this machine?

  9. I hope my local Casino has this game. Going to play it if they do! Thanks for sharing

  10. Finally had time to look for the LL you told me about….RAZZ-MA-TAZZ WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! You may lose the competitions but this is what matters LOL….I love the dragon one and dislike the vegas/cas one though. So happy for you D! So much fun to watch you win…win….and win some more.

  11. So glad for you. And I'm very glad I can watch your videos without turning off the sound

  12. u go diana hun i lov u

  13. The question is to everyone. What is your favorite slot machine to play ?

  14. What is your favorite slot machine?

  15. oooo at the Plaza huh? I played this first at El Cortez, and I was instantly hooked.

  16. Fantastic Diana! Hope you hit many "Major jackpots" and maybe even a "Grand jackpot"!

  17. Very very nice Diana!! Looks like your on a roll with this game!! 🙂

  18. Nice video, Diana! I want to play this game! SO intense on that last coin to land!!!! lol! Congrats!

  19. WTG …D

  20. Great wins! I'm rooting for you to score the Grand!

  21. Very nice wins … I was so rooting for you on the grand great video

  22. Rooting for you to get that grand! That game seems to like you! Now if only someone would pick it for slot creators video of the month lol…

  23. Great machine from my home country. Good win Diana 🙂

  24. Way to go!

  25. Wow congrats Diana! You are killing it on these LL games!! Keep it up! Hope you get a few more likes these in Vegas this week 🙂

  26. i have won the grand , and i had a feeling i was going to get it as all the chips were going through , so if you see it rolling through you have a chance

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