Lightning Link Tiki Fire Slot Machine HUGE WIN — ✦MASSIVE SLOT WIN✦ | Gold Stack Slot Max Bet Bonus

Lightning Link Tiki Fire Slot Machine HUGE WIN — ✦MASSIVE SLOT WIN✦ | Gold Stack Slot Max Bet Bonus

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  1. Show me the power of u bonus.

  2. Wow that free game feature was awesome…I'll tell you something about Tiki Fire it will give you the free games on a high bet but try getting the lightening strike hold and spin feature it disappears…I'm very careful when i play this one…

  3. Awesome …have fun for us all!!

  4. I like how you pat your self on the back " good job NG"

  5. NG continue to persevere bro..keep hitting this big payouts……

  6. Nice hit! Tiki and hearts lighting Link have sooooo much potential in the free spins bonus. Glad to see you hit!

  7. Cash out cash out lol

  8. Why do u pick so fast ….

  9. Great bonus ng! My best hit so far was a $750 line hit in the bonus on Heart Throb with a $2.50 bet, so I know the feeling of getting those multipliers to line up

  10. The famous mini Jackpot seems like you could bet $1000 dollars and still get the mini . Saying that you did really well on the free spins on lightning link if you can get just under the handpay limit for tax that's great. Well done NG great game and nice win Hope you drop the big one soon the very best of luck on your next session

  11. There are 2 type of this Lightning link that is better..This one and the Heart moon one because they have Multiplyers…The poker-Dolphin-and others have horrible line pays because no multiplying..Great hit

  12. Good job NG!

  13. What casino were you playing at? I hear Lauren Daigle playing in the beginning..Christian artist

  14. Woot…. Good Job NG. By far, my favorite slot channel….

  15. It must be rigged if you always win mini

  16. Yes mini challenge brother made my day bro thanks lol

  17. Another great video!!! Epic Line Hit! We can’t even imagine if you had a lady up front! Thanks NG Yeah Buddy!

  18. Indeed good job NG the tiki fire bonus was great! Also by far my favorite intro

  19. Great job!!! Love the tiki fire lightning link machine!!

  20. Awesome multipliers on Tiki Fire! One of the fewer LL games where you can handpay in the free games which is why I like it a lot! Good job NG!!

  21. That was a great win on Tiki Fire!!! It came out of nowhere! Good job NG!!!

  22. Good job NG!!!! WTG! Better than ANY handpay… LOL… I like this game TIKI FIRE. Its tuff no doubt but when you get bonus its usually pretty profitable.. Good Luck and stay well.. Going again tomorrow and I am going to play this and MIGHTY CASH, ( that one too can be a pain on your BR!!!!

  23. you doing good but sometime comedown.

  24. Hey NG, Thank you for the video buddy.
    It's always nice to see your videos, i like them very much.
    Hopefully i will see you win a super massive jackpot, you deserve it..
    Getm buddy

  25. Good luck my friend

  26. NG of course the mini jackpot one day something’s gotta give the GRAND

  27. I was looking at your credits left and saw the 777 and knew it was a good sign then I heard you say finally I got the bonus!!! Wow that was an awesome win NG Congrats!!!!

  28. Yep, NG you are the king of those minis. How do you pick that every time? Great video !

  29. Nice win NG !

  30. Another mini^^*

  31. Fun video tonight!

  32. Love your channel it's so satisfying to watch haha

  33. gl pal lets see a handpay

  34. Ng as usual another greater video my friend wow that's awesome 🙂

  35. Great video brother.
    Would love to link up if there’s a chance. Good luck bro

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