Lil Xan — Betrayed

Lil Xan — Betrayed

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34 комментария

  1. When I talk to a kid at my school him : GANGANGGANGGANG

  2. Xans gonna fuck u up

  3. sos grande chango

  4. alguien en diciembre ?

  5. december 2018 ¿?

  6. This song is my favorite

  7. ngl this is his only good song i think

  8. Why doesn't he just change his name?

  9. Sorry but Ariana beat you.

  10. ooowe Yaehh

  11. It’s me, Xans Undertale

  12. Espanha minha pica rapa

  13. x x
    zzz candy

  14. Kade o BR kkk

  15. When your bored and high so u make a Music Video by yourself, lmao

  16. Ugly ass nig

  17. cebulak!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I'm selling replay's
    They each cost a like

  19. epicc

  20. Lil can looks like the guy who be doing drugs in the bathroom at 3am

  21. ahh a song i can relate to

  22. Who's here at 2019??

  23. #Lil Xan — #Xanax#Lil Pump — Betrayed Serie — Betrayed Trailer — #RAPVevo.

  24. Holy downers Batman. Don't do drugs, kids

  25. How you fake the love?

  26. nie fajne te reklamy 🙁

  27. Lol Lil Xan is a fuckin disgrace. This song is so terrible.

  28. i'm at school while listening to this

  29. Young sigorino is better than this cunt

  30. A pior música q já vi

  31. Lil pump-Lil Uzi-Lil Xan

  32. This song makes me eat soup with a fork

  33. Listen to it at 1.25

  34. Algún latino por aquí reportense con un like

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