Lion Festival Slot — INCREDIBLE TRIGGER — Big Win Bonus!

Lion Festival Slot — INCREDIBLE TRIGGER — Big Win Bonus!

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This version of the game also features the Pirate’s Jackpot Progressive Feature game, which is randomly triggered. I wasn’t able to trigger this bonus, so we’ll save that for another time.

The bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols on a payline, where 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols will award you 8, 10, or 15 free games per payline. During the bonus, all wins are doubled. At the start of the bonus and even during the bonus, if you have more than 20 free games remaining, the game, ahem, unfortunately has the «Balance of Fortune» option which allows you to receive a credit award instead of playing out your games. I’ve seen this work well, and as it’s April Fools’ Day, I guess the joke’s on me! Enjoy!

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  1. wow, you really never know — it can all come down to one good spin somewhere in there, plus no matter what you're sitting there for half an hour, waiting to find out. my sympathies! 😉

  2. Sorry you made that mistake. You can't win them all! Still came up.

  3. stuped

  4. Duh

  5. whyyyyy

  6. thats awefull for max bet sorry bud's.nextime take the free games

  7. Hindsight is always 20/20 you took a shot and came up empty.
    better luck next time.

  8. Oh man. What an absolutely BRUTAL result. The ABSOLUTE MINIMUM???? WTF. That is just bull. I was really hoping for at least a 1 to come up at the end. Terrible. But this is also why almost everyone just always goes for the free games. Even if it means you have to sit there for EVER to see just ONE good hit.

  9. I would of done the same thing. After 50 spins and you only won $78 I would of picked credits as well. Funny how it paid you the exact minimum amount.

  10. Hi there I am Janice I went to the Michigan casino and hotel and played the game. Love them. Ha

  11. I always let the spins play out. You're not losing money you are making money, a rare thing at most games. Also with that many spins you could almost expect retriggers and a possible hand pay.

  12. Well nothing wrong with your choise the thing was wrong with the game payout… Should give still something…

  13. That’s just wrong! Great video your a gem!

  14. My general rule of thumb on the massive-spin Konami games is: the more you are above $1 a spin, favor the spins, as it'll usually award you more on it than the prize selection. If you fall behind that marker, any time you select the prize amount on the balance of fortune (mid-spin-feature), it'll almost always give you the minimum. And if you've got more than 100 spins, use at least half of it before you ever make a selection for the prize. In this case, with 300 spins, I would've at least let it run down to 100 spins left, then make the prize money selection, especially considering the bet amount.

  15. My gut..

  16. 4:17 my favorite part!!!!

  17. Boooo!! That was a waste, an honestly the DUMBEST thing U could've ever done. U cut your own legs out from under U an fell hard onto a Bed of knives.

  18. How much did u lose before getting the big free game??

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