Lion Festival Slot — MAX BET! — BIG WIN — Slot Machine Bonus

Lion Festival Slot — MAX BET! — BIG WIN — Slot Machine Bonus

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Lion Festival Slot

Another Konami offering. This time its Lion Festival. You know the drill. We spin … then take the win. I do enjoy this one and I hope you will as well. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, subscribe, share, and tweet. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy!

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  1. Hi there I was at the Detroit Michigan casino and hotel I love it. It was a pleasure to be there. Thanks again Janice Ezell.

  2. Love the credit prize — that's great!

  3. This looks like it has alot to offer..I get confused with so many options, have to give this a try… Thanks for posting this. And congradts on your win!

  4. Nice one Mike…When I see these bonuses on these types of games by you I wonder right away does Mike let this one play out or will he do the prize credit feature eventually, the slow torture kills me anymore on them LOL 

  5. Very nice bonus! I have never been able to do anything on this one.

  6. I like to play the slots

  7. Good win Mike! I like the women's comment about the machine has been hitting all night, if it's been hitting all night why did anyone get up and leave it, LOL. 

  8. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! I sometimes go for the Credits and Never do so well! ha 

  9. Welcome back! Nice win! With 43 spins remanning, I think the credit prize win wasn't so bad at all! Nice seeing you try an oldie Konami and it treated you well.

  10. Lol "better than nothing"???? Well over a 100x win is always great in my book!!!

  11. A tough old great Konami classic . can't believe how many new Konami games have been released. Some uploaders show so many I've lost count. Literally dozens of new games to try. Keep winning!

  12. Great win! I miss playing this, I think I'll give it a go this weekend. Thanks for showing

  13. Not bad! Taking the cash prize pays off sometimes.

  14. Love whenever I hit a 90, 130 or 180 free spin bonus on Konami games. Hate that the dead spins seem to chip away at my soul.

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