Live play on Willy Wonka Slot Machine with Bonuses and Big Win!!!

Live play on Willy Wonka Slot Machine with Bonuses and Big Win!!!

[ad_1] Live play on Willy Wonka Slot Machine with Bonuses and Big Win!!!
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  1. $201.90???

  2. WONKA!!!

  3. the rubes play this game.

  4. Honestly, as many videos as you have with this game I know how this game goes. I play it all the time in my state of Maryland. Of course you can hit those nice wins from time to time but generally these machines are very tight. I am sure you are like most gambling addicts. You give back what you win within the same night. I am sure you could care less about the money. It's all about the thrill.

  5. My fav wonka slot

  6. At least you got your money back and little bit more. Is this in Las Vegas? What casino?

  7. you got me dieing lol ur too funny give me wonkaaa

  8. hey nice win dude $250.00

  9. This machine seems like the slot to be on,  I have watched many videos of live play and it always seems to payout.  Wish they had this one at my local casino.  Thumbs up!  

  10. lmao that blue bitch.

  11. It's like you're telling someone with a BMW, to get a Ford.

  12. jjjajajajaja fuck you wonka !!! ajajajajaja

  13. jjajajajajja me da risa como sufre , cuando pierde jajajajajaja.

  14. I love how much you get into this shit

  15. another wild Wonka whirl, thanks sdguy. 

  16. I love the part when the machine says "YOU GET NOTHING, YOU LOSE, GOOD DAY SIR"!!!  LOL  Video is funny as hell.

  17. Blocked..

  18. =)

  19. I am sitting here chanting "More More more give it!" as if I can change the out come of a recorded video from weeks before. LOL  
    I think its cause you make it so exciting even if you get nothing you still make it exciting. Good luck with more machines.

  20. Man, is this machine ever rude to you when you lose! LOL!

  21. It says the video is blocked?


  23. lmao at your language….tell it like it is

  24. How the hell did Universal Music Group block this video? I am getting a wonderful "this video has been blocked on copyright grounds" message.  

  25. 'nothing' .. lol

  26. more of this game please

  27. Another Willy Wonka slot to love, looking forward to playing it. Great live play vid!

  28. why is this video not available in my country………..ffs.

  29. 25x yeah i KNOW you will play this again. Can't wait to see the vid Say it Hand Pay MO FO 🙂 miss ya

  30. Hey wait you get $25 for hitting NOTHING? Wish most other slot machines would do that after a shitty bonus?

  31. LOL I can't believe they added that clip with the "YOU LOSE" in it! Best troll ever xD

  32. Which one do you like better, the 5 reel or this one?

  33. You crack me up.  One day we are gonna pull slots together and shoot tequila.

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