Live Roulette £1250 to BIG WIN????

Live Roulette £1250 to BIG WIN????

[ad_1] Roulette session from a few months ago.

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39 комментариев

  1. I miss the slots content, its all roulette at the moment bud. I wanna see a huge slot win, and a massive get the fudge in.

  2. Not a lucky day love watching your videos

  3. Yo paul ,hope you are good ..I'm just wondering about a rumour that has been circulating on the net over the last week or so , there are several people saying that you've "" Either lost your home , had to sell it , or have had to remortgage it ""…… as a direct result of your gambling. I would'nt usually give a rumour like this ,the time of day , but I know one guy who rarely gets his facts wrong , and he wouldn't have brought it up unless he thought it was genuine..

  4. Ahw I felt the greed. And the 26 at the end was brutal. It clearly is the life of a gambler.

  5. K jugon k eres cabronazo

  6. always loving the vids mate!

  7. Unlucky rock. Sometimes it just won’t stick.

  8. When ya streaming again?

  9. Found your channel last week and love it.I,ve watched about 30 of your videos these last couple of days.New subscriber.

  10. You usually cover 7 when you add tier to your zero section aswell! So unlucky

  11. Respect Paul you always show the other side of the coin in gambling. When you next streaming missed your streams scottj on twitch

  12. Show us live stream mate like before…


  14. Switching that quick was costly

  15. Well, some statistic that could help. betting on 7-9 numbers gives you way less than 30% to win. At same time ball can land on a winning number that could pay you less than 3x the overall bet… If you add to that — unlike a card game, where you can expect certain types of cards, by seeing past cards, , roulette does not have memory.. Even worse it has magnets…so only hope is ball to land on one of few big numbers at least few times to make big big win.. GL

  16. number 1 casino streamer for a reason. High Stakes vids, losing vids, excellent editing, great music, production values, honesty (I hope) charisma. and you never know which way its gonna swing!!

  17. Yeeeaaaaaahhh nice lose bitch!

  18. When are you going to do a proper stream again Paul?????

  19. Like and comment before watch, because is a real rocknrolla video.

  20. Music sucked lol. But enjoyed the video

  21. Stop playing sections so easy to rig it, fricken randomize your bets

  22. Twenty Fudging Six! Unlucky man.

  23. That's so tilting mate, you are the king of "Tilt"

  24. Jackpot number high 5 well should have been 🙁 when u back

  25. When. Are. You. Streaming. Again?

  26. Nice videos mate, shame about the loss — I have had a break from gambling for a few months now, was tempted to have a spin tonight but after watching that I think i might give it a miss lol.


  28. Love your videos mate but are you ever gonna live stream again??????

  29. Unlucky son can't win them all bro. Am just putting it out there miss your streams and my DHV fix am rattling now any chance of a we sesh for old time sake

  30. have you given up on slots Paul? I understand if you have. you are right, they are a massive hoover. wishing you the best of luck on future games.

  31. You still have the 120k mate lol

  32. Defo don’t know when to stop

  33. Stream again dam it

  34. My n***a in a Denzel Washington voice. Unlucky keep them videos coming though

  35. Sickening mate. Would of been a different story if you had sat down with 5k.

  36. nice boss

  37. Same thing happened to me yesterday lost about 800 I bet 0 section she goes to tier and opposite its rigged fuck

  38. Видос ,,,ни о чем,,,

  39. Lol to nothing bad times mate now hurry up and stream more often

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