LIVE STREAM Slot Machines at Harrahs SoCal — BIG WIN?? Live 09/14/16 at 6pm Pacific

LIVE STREAM Slot Machines at Harrahs SoCal —  BIG WIN?? Live 09/14/16 at 6pm Pacific

[ad_1] Filmed LIVE while at Harrah’s in Souther California.

Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Please share your positive comments and let me know about your winnings!

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  1. Yeah we hear you

  2. Hey do they have video Russian Roulette there?

  3. Is the ugly dude devinci?

  4. Hi Brian I am new to your Channel I just turned it on where are you originally from I am on my way to Orlando in March hope to see more of you videos hope one day I can join thank you for your videos smooches you can hit me on Loveladyladyhoney on Facebook

  5. I live in the California Bay Area. Where in Socal is there a casino that's nice and empty and legal?? Looks great!

  6. love to go on tour through the casino some time love the channal never been to vegas but i live along ways away myabe some time

  7. Hate Cleo one….

  8. I really hate the DaVinci Diamonds. I never win on it

  9. I have never seen you play colossal reels or the lightening machines. Have you tried them?

  10. can see it!

  11. What software did you use for Live Steaming ? Will it work on a Mac Computer ?

  12. So sexy!!

  13. I can see an here u from the East Coast good luck

  14. I LOVE watching your videos!!! I wish I would have known you were going to be at Harrah's SoCal…30 min drive for me. Let me know next time…would love to meet up and pool some money to play…

  15. haha You are NOT the biggest are the most FUN loser…Love your commentary and vids LIVE or any way really.

  16. you are too Q !!!

  17. Great, vid! Thanks for showing the reality of playing slots sometimes.

  18. It's working.

  19. I liked this video alot more! live while choosing machines was awesome! I think you should try keno! slow but the way you bet could make for a good video. also a good video is if you win big you shouldn't tell us

  20. We know you lost money on Utube! RUDE

  21. Hey Brian this was a great idea Man thanks for posting it,great work Man..

  22. Love your videos, especially the live stream! Keep 'em coming!

  23. u look good and yes we can see . lol

  24. my friend loves playing 2, 5, 10 times pay. She always win.on this machine too.

  25. yes, I can see and hear you.

  26. I cant believe the casino is sooooo empty. Great video. tu

  27. it's working just fine

  28. ugly dude 😛 you know mona lisa really isn't that good looking either lol

  29. Can't wait for the live stream from Vegas Brian! haven't been in so long, will be great to see some up to date Vegas atmosphere and wins! Keep up the awesome videos dude.

  30. its workibg we see it good

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